15 engagement party ideas that will cost you minimally

You got the ring. Congratulations! Time to pop the sparkling and bubbly in celebration of your engagement! The engagement party will be the first of pre-wedding festivities. It sets the tone for other events to come. Considering this, you want to exercise prudence, so you don’t drain your resources before the wedding.

There are many creative engagement party ideas that can help you save on cost. The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice fun for prudence. So before you set off planning an engagement party, check out these inspiring ideas.

  1. Host it at the pool

Invite your guests to a pool party for a summer and tropical exclusive. Hand each of them a bridal gift box that contains sunscreen, shades, oils, chocolate bars, and the little things to keep them comfortable. Hire rafts in animal and food shapes. Throw in some lively music, let the drinks flow, and celebrate.

  1. Make it virtual

A virtual engagement party gives everyone the opportunity to be present regardless of location. Prepare games and quizzes that are printable or can be played online. If there are many guests beyond a unified meeting capacity, split them into breakout rooms and visit them in turns. Also, include moderators so that they’re not on their own.

  1. A surprise isn’t bad

Planning a whole party and inviting the couple as a surprise is a memorable thing to do. It takes off the pressure to meet up with the couple. It doesn’t have to be something huge, the thought is what counts. However, ensure that the party is a reflection of the couple. Find out their favorite things to do or something on their bucket list and throw a themed party to that effect.

  1. Go racing

A race-inspired event is one of the most creative outdoor engagement party ideas for fans of mint julep and Debbie-worthy hats. Have your guests wear an equestrian-themed outfit to the show. Let the Bourbon cocktail flow in steel julep cups. Play a game of bets with edibles as the reward.

  1. Utilize your backyard

Utilizing your backyard is the hallmark of cheap engagement parties. It costs almost nothing and is most comfortable. Pick a meaningful theme taking inspiration from your love story. Grill some fish, barbeque or steak and let the drinks go round. Throw in a table, cards, and lawn games. The guest can chip in by bringing refreshments to this backyard engagement party.

  1. Do beach bonfires

Take it to the beach on a summer evening just before the pink hues of the night. Serve up engagement party food like s’mores and good drinks. Take lots of pictures just before twilight. And when the night comes, intensify the fire, pull out the ukulele and marshmallows, and dance all night long.

  1. Treat them to a brunch

Host a brunch with the garden engagement party theme. It’s oil, thoughtful, classy, and inexpensive. Make the meals yourself or ask the guests to chip in with something. The lemonades, iced teas, and mimosas should never go out. If you can’t do this, attend brunch at an affordable restaurant with the guests and create memories.

  1. Or an ice cream social

Hire ice cream carts in various flavors for your event. You can also take your guests to an ice cream outlet where they can binge to the fullest. If that’s too much expense, give them toppings invariants even as you celebrate your love.

  1. Create your winter wonderland

Winter floral, frosted accessories and accents, bright lights, vines, roasts, hot chocolates, and your favorite winter music… These are some of the things to incorporate into your winter wonderland event. It’s the perfect engagement party idea for couples who want to celebrate in the winter.

  1. Sip champagne on the roof

Sipping on champagne, watching the skyline, and toasting you the good life is what beautiful dreams are made of. Invite guests to the rooftop terrace of your apartment complex and party there. If you don’t live in one, hire the roof terrace of a restaurant and enjoy the sunset on some champagne.

  1. Something formal

Whether a Gothic, masquerade, or classic party; a formal setting is a timeless elegance. Ask the guests to show up in black and white formal attire. Follow the theme on your decor, meals, and even cake. Use a beautiful restaurant, winery, loft, or even your grand home.

  1. Enjoy a camping experience

An outdoor wedding engagement party doesn’t get better than this. Go camping with your guests, fully prepared with blankets, music, a stocked bar, cabins, and everything to make you comfortable. You can even explore adventurous activities like hunting and more.

  1. A casual picnic could be better

A casual picnic is one of the best engagement party ideas on a budget. Invite your guests to a picnic party at the park. Go fully prepared with your grills, food, drinks, utensils, paper plates, etc. If the park isn’t your thing, then a local lake is your best bet. There’s enough space to have fun, catch up, and celebrate under natural lights and fresh, crispy air.

  1. A soirée at home

The ultimate venue to accommodate your engagement party activities without cost is your cozy home. You have total control of what happens. Make it airy and ensure adequate lighting. Hire caterers and servers to handle the food, drinks, and guests settling in. You want to spend your time celebrating and not taking care of the guests.

  1. Activate the vintage theme

For the love of old-world charm go vintage and retro for your engagement party. Ask the guests to deck out in Victorian or Edwardian-inspired attire. You could even opt for great Gatsby, Gothic, art deco, or glam-inspired looks. Complete the setting with era-appropriate music, gramophone, Polaroid cameras, etc.

Above are some budget-friendly engagement party ideas to inspire you. Enjoy your dream engagement party without breaking the bank.

Author: Anastasia Beluschenko, with a specialty in wedding dresses, joined Wedding Forward over five years ago. She knows everything about wedding dresses from styles to trends, fit, and designers. Her great sense of style makes it easy for her to expertly predict the newest and hottest wedding dress trends. For leisure, she loves court tennis and stretching.


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