3 Lighting Secrets You Should Know To Make Your Selfies Look Pro

When it comes to taking good pictures, excellent lighting is a definite must. Just ask any photographer or influencer. Bad lighting can make any beautiful picture look bad and can play a number on your selfie game. Unflattering light can make you appear pale, tired, puffy and can even add pounds to the face. Luckily, you can avoid all this by making smart use of lighting. We will share 3 lighting secrets you should know to make your selfies look pro. Bring on the natural light, iPhone light, and reflectors!

Tip 1: Use Natural Lighting When Possible

Nowadays you don’t even have to go outside to snap a good picture. With a ring light for your phone and a cute backdrop, you can create the best selfies anywhere and anytime. But still, there is something special about natural light. Nothing compares to the way the sunlight hits your face and makes you appear radiant. Natural light requires no extra effort, except for finding the perfect angle for your selfie. If you want to make your photo even more magical, try using the golden hour to snap your selfies. The golden hour is a specific time of day, usually, an hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise when the light is just magical and makes every scene and picture extra special. It adds a glowing light to your selfie that no artificial lighting can match. It does require some work to make good use of the golden hour. You need to go outside at a specific time and find the right location and the right angle to make the best use of it. But when you do, the results are astounding.

Tip 2: Use A Ring Light For Your Phone

When it’s rainy, cloudy, or cold, it might not be so tempting to go outside to snap some pictures. Luckily, with a ring light for your phone, you don’t really have to. A ring light is an iPhone light or smartphone light that you can easily clip onto your phone. It is placed around the camera and it provides the best lighting that you can wish for. It doesn’t create any unwanted shade or lines and it just makes you look good. It’s ideal for selfies, but you can also use the light for taking other pictures and for recording videos. It is the ultimate social media tool and since it is so small and lightweight, you can bring it with you wherever you go.

Tip 3: Use A Reflector

With an iPhone light, you can already do a lot to step up your selfie game. But do you want to know how you can look as luminous as your favorite models do? The secret is in the reflection of light. For professional shoots, a photographer uses reflectors to redirect the light and avoid unwanted shades and lines. Now we understand that you don’t just have a reflector at home, but you can get the same results by using aluminum foil on a piece of cardboard or even a white piece of paper. Make sure you hold the reflector at chest height and by moving it around slightly, you can adjust the brightness and lighting of your selfie.

Additional Tips

By using natural daylight, a selfie ring light, and reflectors, you can create beautiful selfies to share on social media or with friends. But there is more that you can do to make your pictures pop.

Let’s talk about the background. It is important to consider the backdrop for your selfie. You don’t want your messy room all over Instagram, do you? You can use any blank wall for a good selfie, but make sure to choose a backdrop that has a color and pattern that compliments your look. Soft colors usually make a great backdrop, but clear white can also improve the lighting in the room and make you glow.

Another thing to consider before taking a selfie is angles. As you may know, not every angle is flattering when taking a selfie. If you place the camera below your face, most people are in for a good scare. Nobody likes to see a double chin and nose hairs. If you hold the camera up and at a slight angle, you can capture your face in the most flattering way with the best possible lighting.

And one last tip: clean your camera before taking pictures. Whether you are using a camera or your smartphone, you need to clean the lens before you start taking selfies. A dirty lens can make pictures appear blurry and add unwanted spots to the picture. You can use alcohol wipes or a microfiber cloth to remove dirt from the lens and your pictures will be clean and clear.

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