4 Tips for Finding Employment With a Disability

If you are living with a disability, or know someone who is, and you want to get a job, you might be thinking the task of landing employment will be extremely difficult. While it’s certainly true that people with a disability will face extra challenges, getting a job may not be quite as challenging as you believe it to be.

This article will be offering up some handy tips for people with a disability who are hoping to find work. 

#1 – The First Step Is To Believe It Can Be Done

Like anything in life, it’s important to believe in something first before it can become a reality. If someone believes they can’t get a job, they probably won’t try very hard to find one. In reverse, believing in the goal means a person will likely take every action possible to make it happen.

It’s definitely more challenging to find employment when you have a disability, but it’s far from impossible. So, knowing that, you have every reason to believe in the goal and that it can be achieved. After all, no one ever accomplished anything by thinking that it can’t be done. 

#2 – Look Into Disability Employment Services (DES)

The good news for disabled employment seekers is that there is assistance available to help you get a job. Disability Employment Services is a great example of this. Organisations such as Good Sammy provide disability employment services throughout their outlet stores.

Commonly referred to as “DES”, Disability Employment services is a Federal Government initiative designed to offer support and assistance to people with disabilities who want to get a job. The services offered by the DES program are accessible through various partners, such as a Jobactive provider.

You must first undergo a Job Capacity Assessment (JCA) to determine if the help provided by DES is the right fit for you. If it is, your provider will then assist you in various ways to find suitable employment, evening liaising with potential employers on your behalf. Your provider will give you all the support and tools you need to get a job and keep it. 

#3 – Make Full Use of the Power of the Internet

These days, anyone can look for employment at any time of the day or night, all thanks to the internet. There are many online job boards servicing the Australian job market and these boards are updated all of the time, so new jobs could potentially even be posted in the middle of the night.

Another thing about these sites is you can filter the results, so you can search for jobs in a particular industry, or potentially even look for jobs with employers that are willing to give people with a disability a go.

If you’re serious about finding work, the internet will become your go-to place to search for current employment opportunities.

It only makes sense to target social media platforms with your job search efforts as well. For starters, you can spread the word to your networks and let them know you’re looking for a job. Somebody may know somebody who will give you an opportunity. Alternatively, you can interact with various brands online, let them know your situation and that you’re keen to find work.

You just never know when and where an opportunity is going to come from, so it’s worthwhile putting yourself out there online and see what comes back. 

#4 – Work Experience and Volunteer Work

If you sign up for work experience or volunteer work, either with a business or a community organisation, this can ultimately lead to landing a paying job role.

To begin with, you gain some valuable skills and experience in a variety of roles, especially when doing volunteer work for the local community. Any skills and experience you acquire will be something more you can add to your resume, and it also proves that you are more than capable of performing the tasks assigned to you.

Doing work experience for an employer can lead to landing a job once they see that you’re an enthusiastic worker who can get the job done. 

The Wrap

Getting a job when you are living with a disability is not impossible. Take advantage of any support services available, as this can definitely help to shortcut the process.

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