Whether you’re going to a party, going to see your man, or just in a mood for some drama, these 5 wigs (plus 1 colorful wig) will have you looking like a baddie in no time! They are serving color, they are serving style, and most importantly, they are serving all the drama!

These units all have vibrant colors and lots of volume and are usually going to be great for people who’ve already worn some color before.

1. Ginger Orange Color Glueless 13×4 Frontal Lace Wig

Ginger orange is an in-your-face red-orange color that can be great to wear all year round, especially in the fall. It just says, “It is Friday night, and I’ve got plans!”

2. Blonde 613 Bob Wig Side Part T Part Simple Lace Wig

A 613 blonde is light blonde or platinum blonde. Probably the original baddie color, these are still a staple right now, and they probably will never go out of style.

3. Summer Trends Ice Blonde Color Bob Wig With Bangs

Ice blonde has been all the craze of late, and we don’t think it will be leaving anytime soon. Ice blondes lean more towards silver or white hair, and they lack the warmth of platinum/613 blondes, so they might be a good option for you if 613s clash with your skin’s undertone and make you look a bit grey.

The color and heavy bangs on this unit give this such a feminine, playful, sexy vibe that would be great for date night with your man.

4. Burgundy Color Jerry Curl Bob Wig

Usually, baddie wigs are brightly colored and have sultry barrel curls or bangs, but I think this curly unit makes the cut. Here’s why: burgundy is so rich and dark and reminds us of a glass of chilled red wine in a dimly lit room. So although the style of the wig is very much day-to-day, the burgundy color, especially at a club, will very much be a mysterious baddie moment.

5. Grey Color Bob Wig Middle Part Small T Part Simple Lace Wig

A little out of the box again, but we think grey, when done right, can be very mischievous and alluring, as you can see on the model above. Now, with the right outfit and lighting, you’ll be ready to transform into Storm from the Avengers.

6. Bonus: Light Pink Ombre Color Bob Wig

This bob is great if you’re not someone who typically wears really bright wigs, but you’re looking to add your first baddie-esque wig to your stash. This wig gives you a vibrant pink that’s traditionally associated with baddie wigs, but the dark roots make blending it easy and also make it easier to pair with your usual wardrobe.

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