How To Pick The Best Showers For Your Bathroom: A Small Guide

Bathroom vanities serve as the focal point for your bathroom. Whether you choose a free-standing or wall hung vanity, the right style can bring your space together. You can check the wall hung vanities from Bathroom Factory Warehouse for examples and see how they combine fashion and functionality. The right vanity design can make all the difference in your bathroom space, so choose wisely. To ascertain you get the best value out of your bathroom investment, take note of the following considerations:

Evaluate The Family’s Bathroom Needs

When you update your vanity, the most important consideration is evaluating your needs. Do you want to update the look to a more modern one? Perhaps, you also want to enjoy more storage. Lack of storage is the most common complaint of people in their old bathrooms.

In that case, you may want a vanity with more cabinets, drawers, and countertop space instead of just a pedestal sink. In addition, you want space for your cosmetics, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. On top of that, assess how many people use the bathroom. Can your space accommodate two sinks? These are important considerations you must dwell on when choosing the vanity design.

Measure The Existing Space Accurately

Of course, picking a design that’s proportional to your bathroom size is also a top priority. You will find many different vanity sizes. Just check wall hung vanities from Bathroom Factory Warehouse for specific examples. Remember, not every design will fit your space, so it is vital to take measurements.

You don’t want a pretty vanity to impede the flow of people. Hence, you want the right size so bathroom users can move comfortably and open doors without damaging the vanity. You must also coordinate the arrogance to match toilet placement and shower doors to ensure a lot of clearance space.

Look at the Current Plumbing

Before you purchase your new vanity, look at the current plumbing. This can limit your choice when you install the vanity. A free-standing vanity can easily camouflage any plumbing issues. However, a wall-hung vanity leaves clear space under and needs more precision, so it needs to perfectly match your existing plumbing.

Remember, you can make changes with plumbing, but it will certainly not be cheap. If you want to minimise the costs, work with your current plumbing system so you don’t have to make expensive alterations. For best results, consult your plumber to ensure you don’t waste your money and get the right design.

Select the Countertop Material

You don’t just want a stylish bathroom, but you need it to be durable as well. After all, you want your vanity bathroom upgrade to last for decades. Keep in mind; your vanity countertop must be able to handle wear and tear, especially since water and soap can be quite harsh on different materials. Take a pick from the most common countertop materials and choose your favourite one.

  • Laminates
  • Natural stones
  • Solid materials
  • Concrete
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic tiles

Pick the Basin Style

You have many basin or sink styles to choose from with varying colours and shapes. It would help to match the basin to fit your bathroom design. Some sink styles like a simple wall-mounted or pedestal basin work well for tiny spaces. Meanwhile, double sinks styles offer more functionality and space, but you need a more extensive area to accommodate the design.

Most of all, don’t forget to factor in the faucet. This fixture may or may not come with the vanity, depending on where you purchase it. Just make sure that you find matching hardware that complements the look and feel of your vanity.

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