5 Finance Jobs You Can Get

Many highly-rewarding and sought-after jobs are in finance. This is a thriving industry that has many opportunities for those seeking to advance in their careers, have stability, and contribute positively to society. While there are still lots of job opportunities in this field, it is crucial to stay on top of the positions that are available so you can prepare for the future. Nowadays there are a lot of opportunities to receive an education in finance even if you don`t have a background in finance. By using finance courses in the Netherlands for Non-Finance Managers you will have access to a live online classroom environment. All the trainers are professionals in the field and the courses are held interactively. Here are five finance careers you should consider.


As most companies and organizations need to manage their finances and perform audits, accountants remain in high demand in nearly every business sector. Even if you eventually end up in another career in the financial sector, accountancy can give you useful skills that make you a versatile employee. Many accountant positions require a Certified Public Accountant license, which requires 150 hours of education and an examination. An advanced degree like an online Master’s degree can make you more desirable as a potential candidate for any of these careers and may help in ensuring you have enough hours to qualify for a CPA license.


Data can be used by financial analysts to determine whether a loan candidate will repay their loan or if a company should purchase another company. There are many types of financial analysts, but many of the skills needed to become an analyst may transfer from one position to another. There are a lot of ways to specialize within this specialty, but you may want to seek accounting skills or major in statistics for an excellent foundation for a career as an analyst.

Investment Banker

Investment bankers help companies and organizations raise capital from a variety of different sources, including bonds, initial public offerings, acquisitions, and other methods. It can be a demanding career, but if you have the talent to source revenue for a company, it can be lucrative. It requires not only a solid education in finance but often requires advanced education and some experience in other finance jobs.

Mortgage Broker or Underwriter

A mortgage broker can act as an intermediary to help borrowers find a lender for their mortgage of a new property. There is a wide range of jobs in this industry, from those that only service commercial properties to brokers who help low-income individuals or new buyers purchase their first home. Another related mortgage career is an underwriter, who assesses potential borrowers for loan approval.

Wealth Manager

Anyone who wants to manage their finances or investments better could use the services of a wealth manager. Wealth managers are often called financial planners or advisors. A wealth manager can help people with many aspects of their finances, including tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning. The wealth manager may even offer a range of services that could include managing financial risks, personal finance consulting, credit counseling, and debt management. Though prior to going into the field you will want to learn the difference between fee based vs fee only wealth managers.

A job in finance or business can offer rewarding opportunities while providing stability and room for professional growth. Financial and business careers are not only exciting and challenging, but they also offer the opportunity to help others improve their lives.

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