5 Reasons Why Startup Companies Prefer Coworking Spaces in Gurgaon

Over the last few decades, Gurgaon has become a favorite location for startups. Its proximity to the national capital, well-developed infrastructure, connectivity by metro and road networks, lower rentals, steady business ecosystem, and cosmopolitan appeal have all helped the city emerge as a leading startup hub in India.  

According to reports, Gurgaon is home to over 1500 startups, and the number is steadily increasing. One of the notable trends these days is that many startup companies prefer working from coworking spaces rather than setting up traditional offices.

Wondering why startup companies are favoring coworking in Gurgaon? Let’s check out the reasons: 

  • Offices in Prime Locations Like Cyber City, GCR, and Sohna Road

An office in a good location in Gurgaon helps startups establish their presence and connect with their customers. However, young companies often find it hard to get a traditional office space in DLF Cyber City, Golf Couse Road (GCR), or other prime localities due to exorbitant prices and the stiff competition in the commercial real estate market. 

This is where a coworking space in Gurgaon can come to their aid. All reputed coworking operators have offices in the prime business hubs in the city, such as Cyber City, GCR, Sohna Road, Sector 44, and Udyog Vihar. Many of these offices are located within reputed business parks like Cyber City Business Park, JMD Megapolis, and Unitech Cyber Park. 

In other words, by moving into a shared office or coworking office for rent in Gurgaon, startups can enjoy the benefits of the location. And the best part? It doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket. 

  • Reduced Rents, Operational Costs, and CapEx

In a growing city like Gurugram, the office rent itself can take up a considerable portion of a startup’s expenses. According to the report by Anarock, the cost per desk in a traditional office space in the city can be between INR 9,500 to 15,000, or more. A shared office for rent in Gurgaon can reduce it at least by 6% per month, the report says.

Another main benefit of coworking for startups is that it helps reduce other office-related costs. For instance, in many premium localities in the city, the security deposit is usually equivalent to 11 to 12 months’ rent – this is in addition to the costs of setting up, furnishing, and maintaining the office.

A pre-furnished coworking office space in Gurgaon helps reduce furnishing costs, and the maintenance and other service-related expenses are part of the package. It allows startups to spend their funds on marketing and other growth-related efforts.

  • Scalable Office Solutions

Scalability is a top priority for startups and growing companies – when you are in the early stages of your business, you need the flexibility to expand, upsize, or downsize the team as your goals and requirements keep changing. 

Traditional office spaces in Gurgaon are not likely to offer you such flexibility. The lease terms of conventional office solutions are often fixed – you cannot add or remove desks as you upsize or downsize the team. Long-term service agreements and lock-in periods make it difficult for you to exit the office when you need a larger space. 

The flexible lease terms of coworking spaces in Gurgaon offer startup companies the flexibility they need. Most shared office operators in the city offer both fixed plans and flexi passes – startups can choose a package that best suits their requirements. 

  • Ease of Commuting

Despite being a growing business hub, Gurgaon is notorious for its hectic traffic. Commuting within the city by road could prove to be a time-consuming and exhausting task, especially during peak hours. Moreover, some localities in the city suffer flooding during the monsoons, further adding to the trouble.

A coworking space in Gurgaon helps overcome these challenges quite easily. Neighborhood coworking is another leading trend in the city – the coworking operator will have offices in multiple localities, you can choose desks spread across these locations, and your employees can work from the location that’s nearest to their home. 

  • Talent Retention and Legal Compliance

Another benefit of coworking for startups is that it helps them attract and retain talents. It is no secret that workplace flexibility has always been a priority of candidates, and the pandemic has underlined its importance. By opting for shared offices, startups can facilitate flexible work arrangements – flexible locations, agile office spaces, and flexible work hours – that attract the best of resources. 

Moreover, the Haryana State Employment of Local Candidates Bill of 2020 reserves 75% of the jobs in the private sector for local candidates. Consequently, many startups are mulling to set up offices outside of Gurgaon to maintain a good resource pool, while employees are also looking for companies that are based out of the city. 

A coworking space in Gurgaon can help startups handle the situation and comply with governmental requirements. Reputed coworking operators like The Office Pass (TOP) have offices in Gurgaon, Noida, and South Delhi. By choosing to have offices in multiple locations in the NCR, startups can comply with the law and attract local and non-local candidates.

Final Thoughts

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, coworking in Gurgaon enables startups to connect with the business community in the city, form meaningful collaborations, and find great networking opportunities. It also helps them attract investors and tap into the funding prospects. 

Are you a startup looking for a coworking office for rent in Gurgaon? Check out the office space solutions offered by The Office Pass in 6 locations in the city, including Golf Course Road, Cyber City, and Sohna Road. Establishing your business presence in Gurgaon has never been easier! 

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