5 Signs It’s Time to Call for Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioners need regular maintenance and servicing, and failing to do so can cost you more in energy costs.

Not only that, but skipping maintenance can lead to bigger problems that may require large repairs or even a replacement of your HVAC system.

If your air conditioner isn’t working as well as it once did, it might signal that it’s time to hire the professionals for help. Look for these five common signs that you need air conditioning repair.

1. Little Air Is Blowing

It’s summer, the mercury is spiking, and you turn on your air conditioner for relief from the heat. But instead of a strong stream of icy cold air filling the room, you barely feel anything, as little air is blowing out of your vents.

One of the most common signs an AC needs repair is that it can’t blow cold air like it once did. This means that there’s likely something wrong with one of the parts inside the unit. Alternatively, there could be a blockage in one of the ducts.

Either way, you probably won’t be able to pinpoint the cause without the help of a knowledgable professional. If you’re frustrated with the weak airflow coming from your air conditioner, contact a repair company like MajorCooling for help.

2. You Smell an Unusual Odor

A variety of odors may come from your air conditioner, each with its own reason.

For example, a moldy or musty smell could be a sign of water accumulation in the drain pan or pipe lines. An egg-like smell could unfortunately indicate an animal has died in the ducts. And an odor that smells like car exhaust probably means refrigerant is leaking within the unit.

But be especially cautious if you smell a burning smell.

Sometimes, an air conditioner may emit a burning smell if it hasn’t been used in months, which is typically from dust that accumulated in the unit. But an air conditioner that smells like burning plastic or gunpowder may be dangerous and should be turned off immediately. In many cases, this smell is from one or multiple components inside the air conditioner burning, which could cause a fire if ignored.

For any unusual smell, it’s better to play it safe and call air conditioning professionals.

3. Your HVAC System Got Noisier

There are a lot of moving parts within an HVAC system, and it’s not uncommon for something to get off track or too close to another piece. When this happens, you may start hearing the evidence, even if you can’t easily see it.

If you have a central air conditioning unit, you may hear noises outside, such as clicking noises on the external fan. This could be a sign of an obstruction in the fan, which should be removed by a professional.

Other noises, like scraping and grinding, may be audible indoors and often indicate a belt issue. And clicking noises indoors could be a sign of an electrical issue.

Buzzing, clanking, and screeching sounds are also possible signs that your air conditioner needs to be repaired. When you start hearing new noises, it’s best to get them fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the issue or misalignment causing the sound may only get worse, causing even more (and costlier) damage.

4. Your AC Never Stops Running

A non-stop running air conditioner can cost you a lot of money on your next utility bill. And while you might think it’s because your home is simply too hot, it’s often caused by another repairable issue.

Some fixes are simple, such as changing your air filter or opening the vents around your home, both of which influence how long your AC runs.

But other solutions require professionals. For example, dirty refrigerant coils can lead to an overworked air conditioner, and because these coils are so sensitive, they should be cleaned only by a professional.

If your AC system is old, a faulty part may also need to be replaced in order to stop the unit from running constantly.

To save energy and money, hire an AC repair company if your air conditioner is constantly running.

5. There’s Warm Air Instead of Cold 

One of the most frustrating experiences during the hot weather months is getting warm or hot air out of your air conditioner when you desperately need cold air. And aside from leaving you feeling sweaty and overheated, you’ll also be paying more money on heating your room when you actually want to cool it down.

If your air conditioner is blowing only warm or hot air, it’s time to get it repaired. In many cases, this problem is caused by a compressor issue or a lack of refrigerant. In other cases, hot air may be leaking into the ductwork, allowing it to blow throughout your home.

A skilled professional will be able to identify the cause and how to fix it so you can feel cool and refreshed again.

Is It Time to Call Air Conditioning Repair?

Air conditioners have several parts and pieces that need regular servicing. Some issues have easy fixes, but many problems require the help of trained professionals.

If you notice any of these five signs in your AC system, it’s time to schedule air conditioning repair to get your air conditioning working smoothly again. Then, you can stay cool and comfortable, no matter how hot it is outside.

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