5 Smart Marketing Automation Strategies for Your Business

Automating an existing marketing strategy or incorporating the most effective resources into an existing promotional campaign can be enormously beneficial. From lead generation to improving conversion rates, automated marketing tools like Persona are no longer a resource that businesses can afford to be without.

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  • Lead Generation and Qualification

Generating a lead is the first and often most essential step in any marketing campaign. Marketing automation has proven to be a real game-changer, one that has been able to level the playing field in order to allow new startups and smaller organizations to enjoy the same benefits as their larger and better-funded counterparts. Software applications that can be used to automate lead generation or to compare, assess and quantify leads in order to determine those that are the most valuable can play a key role in any promotional strategy.

  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Maintaining a positive relationship with existing customers and clients can be just as important as attracting new ones. CRM software helps to ensure that follow-up calls, reminder emails, and other future contacts will not be forgotten or overlooked. Incorporating CRM into a marketing automation strategy can benefit all aspects of future customer and client interactions as well as providing valuable data that may be used to learn more about customer habits, behaviors, and trends.

  1. Increased Conversion

Simply following up on a lead or making an effort to maintain relations with a customer or account holder is not always enough. Going the extra mile is essential for improving conversion rates, sales figures, and ultimately revenue. Quantifying leads in order to determine which may be of value and utilizing CRM software in order to better understand the needs of a customer can go a long way towards increasing conversation. An automated marketing strategy makes it much easier to generate a customer profile, template or to identify any aspects of an interaction where a little extra focus and pressure will have the biggest impact.

  • Customer Profiles and Templates

Working with a customer profile that has been generated using the most accurate, complete, and up-to-date information can take much of the guesswork out of marketing efforts as well as customer interactions. Utilizing templates in order to better understand how their clientele think and operate is one of the smartest marketing automation strategies that businesses can use. Lacking sufficient insight regarding their customers often means that businesses are left fumbling in the dark.

  • Quantifying Results

Being able to assess the impact of a marketing tactic can allow businesses to more easily and effectively fine-tune their strategy. Just because a sales tactic was met with success does not always mean that it will continue to perform in the days ahead. Automating a marketing strategy allows businesses to more easily generate, collate and assess the data needed to determine what works and what doesn’t.

Relying on outdated promotional tools in order to market a business is rarely the most effective approach. Automating everything from lead generation to custom templates can allow businesses to design and implement a marketing strategy that will be able to produce superior results.

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