6 Tips to maintain Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is amongst the essential appliances that you buy for your home. They are necessarily needed during the summers. Air conditioners function to condition the air and providing a pleasant atmosphere at your home.

Also, when you do not maintain your air conditioner, it starts consuming more energy and does not function efficiently as it should. That’s why proper maintenance and timely servicing of aircon repair singapore is necessary.

Why is it Necessary to Maintain Air Conditioners?

Maintaining your air conditioner is a great way to save money on energy and extending its lifespan. Maintaining your air conditioner is essential for energy efficiency, occupant health, comfort, and overall functioning of the unit.

Maintenance allows you to save money on costly early replacements. Hence, investing in air conditioner maintenance is an excellent investment you will make for your home.

Having understood the benefits of maintaining air conditioners, you might be searching for some of the tips and tricks to maintain the air conditioner at your home. Search no more. We have shared a few tips on maintaining the air conditioners.

6 Tips to Maintain Air Conditioner

Here are a few tips on maintaining an air conditioner.

1.   Change the Air Filters at least once a month.

Air filters are installed to act as a barrier for the particles like dirt, dander, and dust. These filters do not allow dust to infiltrate your room. However, an air filter can only function efficiently if it’s clean and is not bogged down with unwanted particulate matter.

According to experts from air conditioning cleaning Sunshine Coast, When the air filters get too dirty, they will not work efficiently and will put excess strain on your air conditioner. Resultantly, it will hinder the air quality in your room.  Hence, it is essential to change the filters at least once a month.

Changing the air filters regularly is the best thing you can do to maintain your AC. This is the easiest and the most straightforward tip to maintain your air conditioner. It takes only a few minutes to change the filters of the air conditioner.

2.   Keep the Coils Clean

Coils are an essential component of your AC as they function to help the refrigerant absorb heat and cool your home. Keeping the coils clean is necessary as it plays a crucial role in improving the efficiency of an air conditioner.

The coils become insulated with dirt which reduces the amount of heat the coils can absorb. Resultantly, the air conditioner has to work harder to cool your room.

Hence, if you want to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your AC, make sure to keep the coils clean. There are a lot of ways of cleaning the coils. We suggest you start by clearing the area around the condenser unit.

3.   Make Sure the Condenser Unit is Working Efficiently

The efficient functioning of the condenser unit is essential as it functions to cool down the refrigerant gas. If this unit is not working efficiently, the AC will not cool the room. If you hear a weird sound coming from your AC, there are chances that the unit’s fan is at fault.

If such a situation exists, you must call a professional and request him to check for heaviness in the motor or look for ant chips or cracks in the blades.

4.   Check the Fins

Within the air conditioning system for air leaking water are a condenser and an evaporator. They both have fins. Over time, the fins can bend and lead to insufficient airflow.

If you want to make sure your air conditioner is working efficiently, check the fins regularly and make sure they are not bent. If you see any bending, purchase a fin comb and resolve the issue. You can also hire a professional if the issue does not get resolved.

5.   Inspect the Condensate Drain

The function of a condensate drain is to provide condensation in the system. If the condensate drain gets clogged, the drainage will stop. If you see that the water is not getting drained, get an appointment booked with an air conditioner specialist. He will examine the situation and suggest subsequent improvements.

6.   Schedule a Regular Maintenance Checkup

Even if the air conditioner is working efficiently, schedule a regular maintenance check of your AC. After every 2-3 months, hire a professional service technician. The technician will find and fix the issues in your air conditioning system.

The technician will check for:

  • The amount of refrigerant
  • Seal duct leakage in central systems
  • Airflow through the evaporator
  • Electric terminals, apply a non-conductive coating if needed, and clean and tighten connections.
  • Oil motors and check belts for tightness and wear
  • The accuracy of the thermostat

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