If you are here, I am sure shopping excites you as much as it excites me. No matter how many clothes or

items you just purchased, your heart still seems to be craving for more!

Irrespective of the purpose of shopping, rather smart shopping requires us to be much more tactful than

we know. For shopaholics or for people with limited resources, you need to learn to spend money wisely

while shopping.

Most of us fall victim to so many marketing gimmicks in our day-to-day lives that you don’t even realize

it and when you do, you regret it to the core. You need to be an informed customer to avoid falling prey

to the honey trap laid out for you. These smart shopping tips help you do just that!

Here are 7 tips to provide you with all the help that you need:

1. Draft a list and follow it

Before heading to the shops or before purchasing from any discount store online, create a list of the

items you need. Buying something unnecessary is a big no. It is not that you can’t do a bit of impulse

shopping, but keep the list items as your priority first.

After buying them, if there is room for more in your cart, then go for it. If creating lists acts as

boundaries for you, form a budget every month and purchase accordingly. This tip can help you save

more money than you may know.

2. Purchase items that fit like a glove

This might seem to be a very obvious one, but try on the clothes first before buying them. Even when

shopping from online stores, always spot the measurements first. This will help you avoid any

unnecessary purchases that you might regret later.

Don’t be a spendthrift and purchase items just because they were on sale, because you feel certain that

you might fight into it later after shedding some weight off. That’s no reason to buy at the moment.

3. Buy items on sale

Avoid shopping for things that you have been longing for as soon as they are available for buying.

Chances are, you might find them on sale after some time.

I am sure you have been into a trap of “Buy this now or you’ll regret later” and actually regretted later

but not because you didn’t but because you did. I mean, of course you can’t stop thinking about the

money that you could have saved. So, try to wait before buying anything, because this wait might be

“real” worth it!

4. Pay using cash


5. Compare prices

When you use credit cards for purchasing from stores, there’s a high probability that you might be

thrown off track from your budget.

You don’t realize this before the cashier presents you with the bill. However, when you are shopping

with cash, you are naturally more careful because you are aware of how much “exactly” you are going to

Irrespective of whether you are shopping online or offline, you will be able to make feasible purchases

by drawing a comparison between the prices from different stores. After all, who doesn’t like a

reasonable purchase? Certain applications help you scan a barcode to look for any item. It then presents

you with a list of the stores that have these items. After you have everything in front of your eyes, you

can buy it at the cheapest price.

According to a survey, 59% of buyers surf the internet before they buy anything to make sure they are

making the correct choice.

6. Choose quality over quantity

After making a list, you might make the mistake of going to a shop nearby and purchasing items just

because you find them to be cheap. But this doesn’t ensure great quality. Those items may wear out

soon. That’s the reason why you must always go for quality.

You might have to pay something extra for quality products, but it will be worth it in the long run. You

might have to pay a second visit to the shop, but that’s better than purchasing something of poor


7. Use promo codes and coupons

Over to you…

Saving the best for the last: try using promo codes and coupons if available. There are several extensions which if installed helps to search for available coupons automatically. If you are purchasing Nike items it will be great if you will use Nike promo code coupons and you will have big savings.

When shopping in stores, ask the salesmen about the availability of these codes and coupons. Some

cards collect and store points that you can avail as discounts in future purchases.

Being impulsive while shopping is common but it might lead to a lot more expenses than you can afford.

That’s where these shopping tips will step in and help you make reasonable choices. So, shop smartly

and guilt-free! 😉

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