Ways to value your employees

Monitoring the working time of company employees is a way to monitor the performance of specific tasks and an opportunity to see the effectiveness of a particular employee and the entire company as a whole. When using employee tracking, you will receive a detailed report with timing and screenshots of the desktop of all your staff. It is a great way to motivate your employees to be more productive and get better results.

What Is An Employee Tracking System?

Employee performance monitoring and time tracking systems is a system that allows you to analyze the actions of employees of an organization and control their use of working time at workplaces, monitor business processes and solve a set of tasks related to leaks of confidential data and further investigation of incidents.

Employee performance control systems are closely located with systems for protection against leakage of confidential information; however, they represent a separate class of solutions. Such systems allow solving tasks of monitoring employees at their workplaces:

  • Accounting for employees’ working hours. The arrival of a person to work, his departure for lunch, presence at the workplace, leaving the office are recorded. The technique helps identify the best employees and weed out those who only create the appearance of the workflow.
  • Presence in the workplace. If a person was absent from the workplace for no reason, you could ask him to explain based on the recorded data.
  • This table is filled in automatically, which simplifies the process of calculating salaries and bonuses.
  • The efficiency of each employee. The system keeps track of which sites each of the company’s employee’s visits and takes screenshots attached to the report of the work done. Thus, you can analyze the productivity of one employee, a group of employees, a particular department of the company, and compare the performance of a specific person or group of people for a given period (day, month, quarter, and year).
  • Screenshots of the desktop. The service allows you to block a specific group of sites so that employees cannot visit them and are exclusively engaged in work. The manager chooses the list of such sites. Employees may not understand why they cannot access the site they supposedly need.
  • Remote access to workers’ desktops. The company’s owner who has access to online viewing of desktops can always asks what the person he needs is doing at the moment. To do this, he only needs a smartphone and an application installed on it that allows him to control employees.
  • Alerts about violations. If someone violates the corporate rules of the company and tries to access prohibited sites, the management receives an email notification.
  • Block the sending of confidential information using content analysis.
  • Identify information security incidents or their prerequisites (the system records not only the actions of employees but also monitors e-mail, various instant messengers, and the clipboard).
  • Maintain the base necessary for investigating security incidents, search for leaks of confidential information.


Considering the specifics of the activities of modern organizations, employee tracking systems can be installed not only within one local network but also solutions in which agents can be located in other networks.

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