All You Need To Know About the Car Spark Plug

A car’s spark plug is a small auto part, but it can cause some serious problems! Your engine is heavily dependent on your automobile’s spark plug to function – even an essential start requires sufficient ignition from this plug! So what does this spark plug do, how does it affect the performance of your car, and what to do if they wear out?

If all these questions plague you, do not worry! We have covered all these essential details and more in this article. So read on to know more!

What Does A Spark Plug Do?

Spark plugs form a tiny electrical part of your automobile’s ignition system. They consist of timing and electrical equipment made of durable materials to initiate sparks allowing your vehicle’s engine to start. The voltage of your car’s spark plug can be almost 20,000-1,00,000 volts – they can function for a long time before they even begin to wear out! There are several types of spark plugs depending on the type and model of the car you drive. If you need to change your spark plug, you can check out reliable auto part manufacturers like Boodmo. Just type in your car type and model, and the website will show you a suitable spark plug!

Spark plugs are, however, not found in diesel engines. This is because diesel engines use a higher compression ratio than petrol and do not depend on a spark plug ignition.

So what can cause this tiny auto part to wear out?

What Causes Them To Wear Out?

While creating an arc of electricity, your spark plug creates a short gap between the electrodes. Every time this electricity is being built, this gap begins to grow, and your spark plug generates more and more electricity to make your engine function. Due to all this overwork, your spark plug starts to wear out, which also leads to the deterioration of your engine performance.

Some other reasons why your spark plug may be wearing out is due to –

  1. Contaminated oil
  2. Pre-ignition causing overheating in the car
  3. Deposit or carbon build-up in your car 

Your spark plug needs immediate changing if it is wearing out or has already worn out. Here are some of the symptoms of a worn-out spark plug.

Symptoms Of A Worn-Out Spark Plug

As the spark plug of your car starts to wear out, the performance of your car will start to deteriorate. This is why we suggest drivers keep checking spark plugs on a semi-regular basis and keep changing them as and when required. You can change your spark plugs from known auto part manufacturers like Boodmo. Plug Spark from is one of the most reliable spark plugs in the market, and you get them at subsidized rates too!

But how to understand if your spark plug has worn out? Here are some of the symptoms to look out for –

1. Rough Idle or Misfiring

If your automobile’s spark plug is worn out, one of the first signs it shows is an engine misfiring or a rough idle. In addition, you may notice unusual knocking or rattling sounds or vibrations from your vehicle – check your spark plug immediately in such a situation.

2. Slow Acceleration

If your car shows low or sluggish acceleration symptoms, a worn-out spark plug may be the reason behind it. As a result, your automobile might stumble, stall or even stop while trying to accelerate. Be sure to check your spark plug if this happens.

3. High Rate Of Fuel Consumption

If your spark plug is not working efficiently, your engine’s performance will also start to deteriorate. In addition, your engine will start consuming more fuel than usual – a worn-out spark plug might cause this problem.

4. Hard Starting

If your automobile is struggling to start, you might have a worn-out spark plug. Your engines need your spark plug to work efficiently, even to start, and if it is struggling to do so, call your mechanic or check the spark plug yourself.

How Frequently Should A Spark Plug Be Changed?

Spark plugs do not need frequent replacement and generally can function for several miles and years before they wear out.

The most common milestone to adhere to for changing a spark plug is when your automobile has traveled for 30,000 miles. However, this change is also subject to the type and condition of the spark plug you use. For example, a copper spark plug has a very short lifespan, while spark plugs of more durable materials can go on long.

Get your car mechanic to check this automotive regularly to get a rough estimate of when it needs a change. This way, you can save yourself from engine performance deterioration, thus avoiding severe accidents.


And that is all there is to know about spark plugs! Although a seemingly tiny auto part, it has a considerable role in the overall performance of your vehicle and thus needs a regular checkup. Just get your mechanic to check up on your spark plug every 6 months, and you are good to go!

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