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Ukraine’s Parliament approved legislation on September 8, 2021, that legalized and regulated bitcoin in the nation. The measure, written in 2020, was approved, with 276 legislators voting in favor of it and just six votings against it. And before we move on with our article, we were hoping you could register yourself on bitcoin investing to learn all the new ways to earn in the bitcoin currency.

The primary goal of this legislation seems to be to give clarity on the asset and to safeguard individuals who possess bitcoin since the purchase was previously neither legal nor unlawful in the nation at the time of passage. According to the Kyiv Post, even though bitcoin and other virtual currencies are not illegal, Ukrainian law enforcement authorities regarded bitcoin and other virtual currencies as fraud, leading to the raiding of bitcoin companies. Because it offers tax certainty and legally enables bitcoin companies to operate inside the nation, the courts will be able to adequately safeguard people and businesses now that the law is approved. It also provides clarification on how bitcoin businesses will be taxed. It also establishes some parameters for how Ukraine may attempt to regulate bitcoin in the future further.

After this legislation, people will possess and trade in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin on cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition, the law clarifies what wallets are and what private keys are. According to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Digital Transformation who talked in Kyiv Post, the Ukrainian Parliament anticipates approving and modifying their tax and civil laws by the end of the year to formally “open the market” for companies and investors. Note that even if bitcoin is now legal in Ukraine, this does not imply that BTC accepts as a legal currency in the nation, which is essential to understand. And To make that happen in the future, it will be necessary to pass a whole separate law.

Great news, and it’s certainly a step in the right way toward the nation ultimately adopting a full-fledged bitcoin standard, similar to what El Salvador has implemented. The essential thing to remember about bitcoin is that, for it to flourish in a nation ultimately, it is critical not to suffocate it with too many rules or restrictions, which would eventually stifle creativity. Bitcoin is still in its infancy and seems to be on its path to become the world’s reserve currency; it would be a pity if nations could not take advantage of the present opportunity due to excessive regulation.

The Adoption of Bitcoin in Ukraine

Sixth nation in as many weeks to establish some guidelines for the cryptocurrency market, Ukraine serves as an encouraging example of how governments across the globe are coming to terms with the fact that bitcoin is here to stay. After voting with almost unanimous consent, the Ukrainian Parliament approved legislation that regulating-to currencies, including bitcoin. The legislation was put into motion in 2020 and is now going to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s desk. Until recently, cryptocurrency in Ukraine considers being in a legally murky area.

Locals were permitted to purchase and trade virtual currencies, but businesses and exchanges dealing in cryptocurrency are subject to intense scrutiny by government authorities. Officials in Ukraine have taken a more aggressive approach to virtual currency, labeling it a “scam,” raiding crypto-related companies, and “sometimes seizing costly equipment without any justification,” according to the Kyiv Post. SBU stated that such trades assisted in money laundering and provided anonymity for transactional information to other parties. It also includes clarification on how bitcoin businesses will be taxed. If the president approves the bill, Ukrainian legislation will recognize virtual assets, digital wallets, and private keys: however, the decision by the former nuclear power on Thursday is part of a broader effort by Kyiv to get more involved in the bitcoin market.

In the words of Rubin, CEO of bitcoin research and development lab Judica, “Ukraine’s enhanced legal position for bitcoin is a commendable symbolic indicator that we are progressing towards a society that respects individual rights worldwide.” In its goal to defend oppressed populations from unjust governments, bitcoin does not ask for permission or forgiveness, and this is simply symbolic. 

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