Best Price Plasma Cutter

Mostly the best price plasma cutters are used to cut the electrically conductive metals quickly and easily. Mainly because they are working at a very high temperature. You can get some digital facilitation while using the special plasma laser cutting Seattle torch, repeatability, accuracy, and efficiency.

Best price plasma cutter: What is a plasma cutter?

An energized and compressed gas that can have the power to break the electrons and to take them to travel into the nucleus. A nozzle which is at the cutter’s tip can concentrate the gas and create a spark when the plasma cutter touches the metal. The strong plasma gas has the potential enough to blow the liquid metal out of its piece, can give you no slag, and the thin sheet of around 1/16’’. The plasma can reach a temperature of 30,000 degrees F and can steer the metal of 2’’ easily.

What makes the best price plasma cutter different?

The plasma cutter can come in different shapes and sizes. It is the construction and its components that can make a difference. All the high-quality plasma cutters feature heavy-duty, solid, unitized construction, and fully welded.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of compromise on price then you need to suffer the stability, construction, and quality. Because a less stable cutter will lead to less stable plasma cutting in a less efficient machine.

The caution while using a plasma cutter 

The word caution is important while discussing any tool. Although the powerful and incredible cutting machine can sometimes do terrible damage to the human body. Besides, smart working, an operator should consider goggles, protective clothing, and gloves.

How to choose the best price plasma cutter?

Some of the important factors that you must consider while buying the best plasma cutter under $1000 are the outpower, input power, cutting speed, weight, size, and duty cycle. You consider your job while choosing your machine.

Output power

The desired output power depends on the thickness and the type of material that needs to cut. Welders mostly use two standards: severe cuts and rates. A cut rated is the thickness of the mild metal which can be the thickness that the plasma cutter can handle.


It is measured in inches per minute (IPM). A machine that can cut the ½’’ material can take 5 minutes to do. On the other hand, another machine can take only one. The cutting difference can make a difference in production time.

Input power

Are you always using the plasma cutter in the same location, or do you prefer the portability and variety in power source options? In this case, you must look to the plasma cutter that can offer you a range of power options. Some cutters can offer a range of 120 to 240 volts of power.

Duty cycle 

The duty cycle is the time that a machine can use to cut metal in the 10 minutes cycle without overheating. If the plasma cutter has the 60% duty cycle, then it can run continuously for six out of 10 minutes and it can need to cool for the remaining four minutes.

However, a larger duty cycle is important for making long cuts, when using the machine in a hot environment or for high productivity applications.

Weight and size

If you want to have the portability, then you can get several options for less than 45 pounds.

Consider the manual while choosing the best price plasma cutter

You must read the owner’s manual to get a rough idea of safe and correct operations for your plasma cutter. Because it will help you to optimize your plasma cutter capabilities and the safety guidelines for your machine.

What is the setup of the best price plasma cutter?

Only to clean the metal secure the ground clamp. Also, grind off the paint or rust because they can inhibit the electricity flow. Put the ground clamp close to the cut as much as you can or place it on the workpiece itself. You must check if there are any loose connections, any worn spots on cables, or anything that could affect the electrical flow. Moreover, to set the heat or amperage the proper level cutting unit can make a few practice cuts with the high set amperage. While considering your travel speed you can lower down your amperage. Because it can make your material accumulate dross and hot.

Trace before cutting 

You must plan to cut or to trace the path. While preparing for the long cuts you must practice for the movements that can give you enough freedom to make a continuous cut. Because starting again and stopping can get hard sometimes on the same spot and it can also create irregularities in the edge cut. You can cut the sample of the same material while handling which you will be working on. It will ensure the right travel speed and settings.


In a nutshell, choosing the best price plasma cutter can be difficult. But different people have different opinions regarding this. We believe that when you get what you want in the budget-friendly option then there is no reason to burn your extra money. So, we hope our tips have helped you to narrow your choices to get the best price plasma cutter.

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