Pool Cleaning 101: Understanding and Choosing Pool Cleaners

Let’s find out together why bringing order to our things is also a real panacea for our health. Cleaning, arranging, ordering are verbs that most women would like to give up, but there are also those who find great help in tidying up the house.

These people ensure the health of soul and body on a daily basis. In fact, cleaning is definitely therapeutic. People with the best-maintained homes are also the healthiest, as there is a direct correlation between health and cleanliness of the home.

The reason may seem quite obvious: avoiding being in the midst of mold, dust and dirt avoids unpleasant ailments, primarily respiratory ones. Therefore, keeping a clean and tidy house will allow you to feel better in everyday life.

Aside from the health benefits I mentioned above, cleansing can be therapeutic. Personally, I don’t really like cleaning, but when I’m stressed, crazy or even sad I dedicate myself to this activity. There is something truly calming about cleaning: loud music, dusting, vacuuming, organizing, all of which require some concentration and consequently allow you to think exclusively about what you are doing, almost like meditating.

Finally, a clean environment is helpful both for the organization of space and for the ability to concentrate. If you keep a clean room it will stay tidy for longer and consequently you will benefit from it over time. If you then work in the place where you live, this will also affect the quality of your work.

All in all, cleanliness is good for the soul. Nobody likes coming home with a sink full of dishes, unmade beds, a desk covered with papers or clothes covering every inch of your floor. If you want to feel better both about yourself and life in general, open the windows, let in some fresh air and clean your home. You will also feel better inside because cleaning outside is like cleaning inside. Of course, for some kinds of works, you need to contact a professional cleaning service. For example, when I need to clean my rugs/carpets,I always contact Carpet Cleaning Hounslow.

In fact, in every monastery there is attention to cleanliness and these gestures are repeated with great concentration. The reason is simple: cleaning the soul is like washing the dishes, you can wash each dish after its use, or accumulate them and decide to wash them in one day; perhaps it will tire you more and in the meantime the rest of the kitchen will also get dirty and you may not do the job precisely, but this is your choice.

Same thing goes for the house, if you order your nest every single day with small daily gestures nothing will accumulate, neither in the house nor in life. Do not leave residue behind you, do not pretend to have noticed a spider web hanging from the ceiling because this attitude can have repercussions in everyday life.

A book that has helped me a lot in this aspect of life is “The magical power of tidying up” by Marie Kondo. At first glance, the technique proposed by Marie seemed excessive to me: throwing, throwing away and throwing away the superfluous and even more. Okay for the clothes, for the litter, but when I got to the books I felt bad. Then I started thinking about all those volumes that I had already read and that I honestly didn’t like. So I started to get rid of them too. Throw away to make room for order and cleanliness: this has allowed me to let new air into my life. So arm yourself with gloves, black bags and water and clean up your life once and for all. I guarantee you will benefit from it.

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