Common Interior Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

Lighting is a means of creating coziness and a comfortable environment in premises. With its help, you can organize the desired background for work, leisure, or relaxation. Besides that, with the help of light, you can visually change the proportions of the room and create a unique space. Therefore, choosing lighting solutions for your home is not just a trip to the store for a new light bulb or lamp; it is a fascinating process of creating a style for your own home. Unfortunately, people underestimate the importance of lighting and tend to make the same mistakes. In this post, we will talk about the most common mistakes that you should avoid when deciding on lighting solutions for your home.

Mistake #1 – You rely on one light source

The key to good lighting in an apartment is associated with the use of different light sources. Designers do not recommend relying on a single lamp even if it is stylish, fits the interior, and doesn’t cost too much. Instead, it is highly recommended to combine several types of lighting at different levels, such as ceiling and tabletop.

Mistake #2 – You choose too bright light

There is nothing worse than a bright light that makes you feel like an artist on stage. It negatively affects vision, interferes with concentration, and can provoke a feeling of fatigue. Designers advise not to neglect dimmers to adjust the brightness and choose lamps with warmer white light.

Mistake #3 – You choose a wrong power of a lamp

If you pick the wrong power of the lamp, you can get the atmosphere of the operating room and too harsh shadows, or vice versa – you can find yourself in a semi-darkness. Designers recommend choosing 75 watts for the kitchen, 75 to 80 watts for the living room, 75 watts for overhead lighting, and 60 watts for side lighting in the bathroom. Otherwise, you will hardly create the atmosphere that you want.

Mistake #4 – You install too many spotlights

An excessive number of spotlights may turn your ceiling into Swiss cheese. That’s why it is so important to find a happy medium. Most of all, this scenario of light is suitable for the kitchen, dressing room, or bathroom. When it comes to a living room or bedroom, such lighting solution will be too sharp.

Mistake #5 – You choose the wrong places for the switches

Designers of Spotless Agency recommend planning the lighting scheme when the furniture layout is ready. This is for your convenience. Usually, switches are placed at a distance of 5-15 centimeters from the opening on the side of the door handle at a height of about 90 centimeters. So they do not attract too much attention and are comfortable to use.

Mistake #6 – You forget about lighting the dressing room

We rarely think about lighting when planning a wardrobe. However, it greatly simplifies our life. Instead of constantly shifting the contents on the shelves, you can easily find the things you want and separate a pair of black pants from dark blue ones. The best option will be automatic lighting. But if you didn’t think about it right away, then you can buy compact lamps after your wardrobe is done.

Create a Comfortable Space

With a multitude of chandeliers, spots, LED strips, and track lamps, even a professional can easily get lost in the variety of modern lighting fixtures. Lighting can influence the mood and the interior, and in order to create a truly comfortable space, it is necessary to approach and plan lighting solutions with special care and responsibility. In addition, it is important to think about all life scenarios in order to make sure that it is comfortable to be at home at any time of the day. 

If you have doubts about particular lighting devices and solutions, then you can use virtual staging software to try different types of lamps, chandeliers, spots, LED strips, and track lamps. Thus, you can get an idea of what lighting solution works best for you and your interior.

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