Content Or Backlinks

It’s best to keep all of your website content in one location. Google may block webmasters from crawling blogs they control, as they don’t want Google seeing the blog separately from their main website.

This doesn’t mean that multiple URL submissions are bad. It can actually be a great way to increase your SERP rankings.

What is a more effective to bring traffic? Backlinks or content?

Assuming traffic is your primary goal, and not search ranking you should concentrate on getting backlinks only from trustworthy and relevant websites. This will increase both the authority of your website and Google’s reputation.

Guest posts: Backlinks for guest posts can be one of the best ways to increase page rank and bring more visitors to your website.

Marketing pages: Although it might not be as efficient as guest blogging (since such content tends to get high bounce rates), referring back via marketing pages can bring you excellent results.

SEO-friendly Blog Roll: This cross-platform strategy has been extensively used by many webmasters and can prove to be extremely efficient when done correctly.

Directory submissions: Many people consider this spammy. But, there are still directories that accept quality submissions.

Social media sharing content: All social media activities that bring you traffic to your site. Guest posts can drive qualified traffic to your blog or website. It is important that you only use relevant content. Also, make sure you are aware of the best guest post packages for your site.

How important is content to drive traffic?

Promoting your website via guest blogging/posting links on forums/blogs has two main purposes: attracting visitors and earning backlinks. You must always consider what makes your content valuable to your target audience in order to achieve both of these goals. You can include any combination of these factors:

  • Quality
  • Timing
  • Thoroughness

Why are backlinks important for website traffic?

Your website’s rank in search results can be affected by links. You can beat your competitors for keywords by obtaining backlinks from quality sites. Search engines use links to determine the popularity and health of a site.

A lot of incoming links indicate that a website has been trusted and its content is high quality. This boosts rankings for both kinds of websites.

Check your SEO strategy’s link profile to see if it is working. You may think it’s unnecessary to examine every link that points toward your site. But you are wrong. An audit will determine how well your strategy is being implemented and the next steps to improve it.

Does the quality of the link matter?

There are two ways to determine the importance of inbound links when measuring their impact:

The trust-flow theory: Here, the idea is that the quality of links is what is most important. It’s because they believe you are an authority on the subject and have linked to your website. Google considers this when deciding how much weight to give each link.

The theory of citation flow: This view holds that link quality is more important than quantity. This view states that backlinks simply allow other websites to “vote for” your site and tell Google how relevant and popular it is. Both cases don’t care as much about the number of links that point to your site as they do about whether there are any.

Is it important to know the frequency of linking?

Experts agree that it doesn’t matter how many or how complex the incoming links are, but that it’s the frequency that they’re updated that holds true value. Keep in mind that frequency refers to both the timing of updates and how frequently you update your anchor text/backlink sources. It doesn’t help to build two links to the same page.

Google might consider your backlinks profile and anchor text spammy if it can be seen that each page is receiving only one mention. The number of backlinks that you have built to your site over time is what matters.

What is better: Content or backlinking? Which is better for increasing traffic?   

It all depends on what strategy you use. It is important to backlink, but it can take time for results. Content can be created quickly and will draw in a wider audience who are interested in what you have to offer.

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