Air conditioner

Air conditioner, as a cooling appliance, offers instant relaxation in summers. At the same time, it’s not that air conditioners do not break down and that’s the worst condition that you have to face when you need a chilling ambiance immediately. In such circumstances, only professional AC service can get your appliance back in operating mode. In Hyderabad, there are incredible Air Conditioner Services. Simultaneously, the AC service Hyderabad is cost-efficient and flexible for several AC brands as well. Moreover, the 2 common Air Conditioner models of Window AC and Split AC are serviced skillfully.

Some Common AC problems that need Immediate Servicing

  • No flow of cool Air: The air conditioner may not blow cool air as a dirty air filter can block the flow of air. Furthermore, if your Air Conditioner has a dirty air filter then it can also freeze the condenser unit and obstruct the cooling capacity of your air conditioner. Here, you will need to change the air filter of the AC every month for smooth cool airflow
  • AC is not turning ON: If your Air Conditioner is not turning on then you need to test the thermostat batteries. In case the batteries are not working, replace them. If the batteries are in normal condition, then check the thermostat settings and check if the cooling mode is active and able to set the desired temperature settings. Now, if the thermostat is active but AC is still not getting activated then you need to fix the circuit breaker as it can affect the working of the AC
  • Leakage in AC refrigerant: When the coolant in the Air Conditioner leaks, the temperature may fluctuate and affect the accurate functioning of the AC. Therefore, the leakage in AC refrigerant may lead to excess power consumption, low efficiency, freezing of evaporator coil, uneven cooling of the air, etc
  • Air Conditioner is making noise: There can be several types of issues that make the Air Conditioner produce strange noise. At first, your air conditioner can make a clicking sound while turning on/off then it may have a relay issue. Second, a hissing sound can be experienced due to a refrigerant leak. Next, the banging or thumping sound in AC indicates the issue in the motor. You can also experience the buzzing sound if there is any fault in electrical components
  • Damaged Compressor: The compressor in AC helps in regulating the pressure in AC. It also helps the refrigerant to carry out the heat exchange. The AC compressor can break down due to the changes in the level of refrigerant, dirty coils, and shortage of lubrication. Also, due to lack of refrigerant, the compressor can become excessively hot and stop operating. On the other hand, the excess refrigerant will lead to increased pressure in the system that can also stop the compressor from functioning
  • AC producing bad smell: The growth of Mould is possible in Air Conditioners due to which the AC can produce a foul smell. Thus, AC can produce a fire-like smell that Indicates that the electrical components inside the AC might be burning. Also, there can be a leakage of methyl mercaptan producing a gas-like smell and is dangerous. While turning the AC on after some time you can feel the rotten egg-like smell emitted. At times, the insects or birds can also mistakenly get into your AC, get tangled, and die
  • Break down of the electric control: By frequently turning the Air Conditioner on/off, the compressor and fan of the AC system might wear out quickly. Therefore, the blower motor, compressor, and condenser motor are connected and form a connection to operate the unit. Hence, this connection can get disrupted due to the corroded wires, or terminals that can stave off the motor and compressor from activating. As a result, the acid can build up in the unit due to the electrical downfall and create more issues in the air conditioner

Tips for Maintenance of the Air Conditioner

  • Clean or vacuum your AC fins regularly with a brush with soft bristles. Be delicate while cleaning as they are fragile and so may crush or break
  • Change air filters almost every month. The air filter may get captured by pet hairs, dust, and various contaminants. With time it will get dirty and clogged. It can lead to ice formation in AC. Therefore it should be changed monthly to avoid such issues
  • Get a programmable thermostat. Some people tend to adjust the thermostat while they are out. This leads to the reduced lifespan of AC and more costs. With a programmable thermostat, you can adjust the temperature for desirable timings and saves appliance life and cost
  • Ensure professional maintenance. Get the electrical components, mechanical components, duct integrity, and coolant levels. Hence, professionals should be called for around once or twice a year

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