Coronavirus update: direct funeral service

On August 11, 2020, millions of people went online to pay their respects and attend the memorial service for the legendary singer Aretha Franklin. The service was broadcast live on the Internet to give the singer of the spirit of many a chance to earn his respect.

Although online streaming is popular for high funerals, related technology is available and already in use around the world. And because of efforts to control coronaviruses, a live stream to the funeral is likely to become popular.

Because family and friends

His family made the decision to limit the number of people in the congregation and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Although live broadcasting is our moment to say goodbye and perhaps a little impersonal, technology exists and provides a safe alternative to social celebrations.

As the coronavirus situation progresses, there are guidelines that the presence of a live stream service at a funeral should be limited to older family members to accelerate the spread of the virus. Physical isolation is now more important than ever to protect dangerous people and to protect funeral directors and crematory and cemetery staff, who the government is key to detecting the epidemic.

How to organize a flow directly

Many creations already have a system proposed by Wesley Media. Wesley’s media outlets have cameras installed to make the service available to attendees, which can then be streamed live through a personal entry portal shared with invited guests.

An example is the Funeral live streaming on the Wesley Media website.

Although not ideal, live streaming can fill a gap that cannot be filled physically at this difficult time. Nothing can replace the comfort of physical contact with those who share and understand your loss, but with the use of new media technologies we can support ourselves and each other collectively. Can show. They can say goodbye

Streaming LIVE clean?

An added benefit of staying current is that the service can be recorded simultaneously. This means that if people are unavailable during the service or have a poor internet connection, they can watch it after the funeral. Many live streaming services keep an indefinite broadcast recording, meaning it can be viewed in the future.

Unlike many public video streams, the live stream of the funeral is kept confidential using secure login pages and passwords to restrict access to funeral and burial managers. Details are then shared only with invited guests so that the service to your loved one is as private as you want it to be.

Live streaming is the uploading of recorded content in real time. In this case, crematoria, funeral directors, cremation workers or private companies film the funeral services and use a Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection for live broadcasts.

There are many open video platforms that can be used for everything from live streams to Vimeo to Facebook Live and from FaceTime to iPhone or iPad to live streaming.

Whatever platform you use, live streaming on the Internet is available through a wide range of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops).

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