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Car accidents can be overwhelming and extremely devastating for everyone involved. Nevertheless, when a truck or another commercial vehicle accident, the collision results are often extremely serious. In recent years, truck collisions and fatality rates in Indianapolis have increased despite the limited traffic conditions caused by COVID-19. Truck driver negligence remains one of the most common causes of these collisions.

Every year, thousands of Americans are severely injured or killed in a large truck accidents. However, understanding the common causes behind truck accidents can lower the chances of these occurrences.

Truck Driver Error

In many instances, driver error on the part of the trucker is the main cause of an accident. Some truckers may be inexperienced and show poor judgment in challenging situations. Extreme weather conditions and dangerous happenings like hydroplaning and jackknifing may be difficult to react to if the truck driver has no prior experience.

Other truck drivers can display negligence on the road while drowsy or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Another common mistake is for truckers not to respect the legal limits on how many hours they are legally allowed to be on the road. As a result, fatigue and extreme exhaustion are common in truck drivers who deal with very long routes.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration laws enforce that truck drivers may not exceed 11 hours of driving and can only pick up after 10 hours of rest. Another rule is that truckers cannot drive more than 60 hours in seven consecutive days. If drivers do not respect the limits, they can be held responsible for the accident.

Poor Truck Maintenance

If a truck is involved in an accident and it is later determined that some parts of the truck were not functioning at their best, the trucking company and the driver could be held responsible.

Truck drivers and the companies they work for are obligated to maintain freight vehicles and submit them to periodical inspections. It is increasingly important for companies to ensure that the vehicles they provide are safe, as truck driving usually requires spending a long time on the road. Having all functionalities intact is an absolute must. If the company fails to ensure the vehicle is in good condition, it can be held responsible during an accident.

Improperly Loaded Cargo

Not loading cargo safely can lead to many dangerous situations – from having objects fall off the vehicle to losing control of the truck.

Cargo loading companies are responsible for securing the load and respecting the weight limits. If an accident is caused by improperly loaded cargo, any individual involved in the process could be held responsible – from the driver to the shipping company or the driver’s employer.

Defective Truck Parts

Sometimes, truck accidents can occur when a defective part interrupts the normal functioning of the vehicle. Such defects can cause the driver to lose visibility, fail to signal any actions to other drivers, and even lose control of the truck.

If there are any worn parts such as lights, tires, windshield wipers, or brakes, these should be replaced immediately. If a defective part of the truck caused the accident, the manufacturing company could be held liable.

Hazardous Road Conditions

Missing road dividers, potholes, and breaks in the road can heighten the chances of accidents. Debris from roadwork can also make driving conditions dangerous. Truckers may have a harder time avoiding these and other obstructions or obstacles on the road due to the size of their vehicles and the inability to make quick moves. In these instances, the contractor or government entity may be held liable.

Bottom Line

A truck accident lawyer in Indianapolis can help you get the compensation you deserve if you have been involved in a truck accident. Once you bring all the evidence you have to your lawyer, you can work with them to form a strong case against the defendant.

When you have an attorney working for you, you can also protect yourself against insurance companies that may try to offer you a much lower settlement than what you legally deserve. So call to set up your consultation with an experienced truck accident lawyer in Indianapolis as soon as possible.

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