Peachy Essay Review

Suppose you have a task to read three to four pages of an unexciting essay with complicated jargon. Will you read it? Obviously, no. Even if you do, you won’t be able to summarize it. Because we all enjoy well-written and engaging essays that can hold our attention, right? That will also get positive comments from the readers. 

Now, there are two questions in mind. First, is why do essay writing tasks seem to be tough or tiresome, and the second is how can you improve your writing skills, especially if you’re a student and you’re required to write an engaging essay?

Let’s get the answer to the first question.


For many students, writing essays is difficult for the following reasons:

  1. They are trying to please their professors and are under constant pressure to prove whether or not the teacher will approve it. 
  2. They are trying to score an A and have that anxiety of what if they don’t get good grades. 
  3. They just want to get done with their assignments.

Students tend to focus on these external rewards. That’s why it gets boring for them to write. When you’re under the pressure of something, you get irritated and lose your subconscious, which is the greatest source of an uncreative mind. 

So, what you can do is to forget everything when you’re writing and just focus on how you can make it intriguing. After you’re done, you can edit it under the given guidelines. The point is to find room for the creative aspect that best describes your uniqueness.


Assume you’re a student at any UK university and you’ve been assigned with a task to write an argumentative essay but have no idea where to begin. You’ll first look for an easy way to do the task, just buy argumentative essay online, or you might want to do it yourself. 

In both cases, you don’t need to worry because below are some expert tips you can use to write an appealing essay.

Purpose of the essay: The first step to writing an essay is to find its objective. You might have been given a topic to write on, but you need to see what exactly the goal is. Do you want to give information, or do you want to persuade the reader? Is it about an analytical or argumentative essay? This will help you compose your essay in an organized way and will also keep the reader focused. 

  • Research and make the topic fun:

It’s normal to feel demotivated about writing an essay, especially when the topic you’ve been assigned is not of your interest to. But all you have to do is ask yourself, what is it that interests you about that topic? And if you’re unable to find anything, you’re doing your research wrong because science, literature, or history is full of surprises. So, broaden your research and look for exciting facts to keep you motivated while writing.

  • Start with draft:

Once you have found the purpose and a tiny amount of information about the topic, you can begin by writing a draft. Write whatever comes to your mind without thinking about right or wrong. This way, you won’t forget what you’re about to write.

  • Introduction: 

An introduction is the heart of the whole essay body, so it should be as strong as your heart is. Readers judge the content based on the introduction. If the opening is dull, they would not scroll up, no matter how good the content is. So, the introduction should be brief, to the point, and catchy. 

  • Main body: 

The main body is the section where your arguments are backed up with authentic sources. This part of the essay helps the reader understand the main concept and provides credible information. So, it should be well-structured, clear concepts backed by academic evidence and sources. 


The conclusion is the summary of the overall topic. It provides closure for the reader, which tells them the main concept and importance of the topic. So, it should not introduce any new ideas but rather focus on the intent of the topic and areas for further research. 

So, these are the few areas where you can improve your writing skills or look for the similar services if you’re trying to get essay help UK or anywhere in the world. I hope these experts’ guides were useful and that you’re ready to outshine your essay!


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