Fitness Guide: What Are Peptides Used For

If you love fitness, then you know the importance of setting goals for yourself. You set a goal for what you want your body to look like or how it should function. You plan workouts around that goal and orient your diet towards it.

Fitness is a lifestyle that revolves around discipline, using all your available resources to enhance your performance. In this fitness guide, we want to introduce you to a new resource to help achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

If you’ve been around fitness for a while, you may have heard of peptides. They’re often a favorite resource among bodybuilders, and they have excellent benefits that make them well worth using. Read on to learn just what those benefits are!

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Fitness Guide to Peptides

Peptides are chains of amino acids, which are the building block for proteins. These natural molecules are already present in your body; because they are linked to building protein, peptides are necessary for your body.

These amino acids form in what’s known as an amino-peptide chain, then link together to form a peptide. This hormone performs a variety of tasks within your body.

They assist in reducing inflammation, fighting disease, rebuilding and repairing cells, bodily development, and help to preserve against signs of aging.

Other variations of peptides deliver chemical signs to tissues and blood while also helping to regulate your appetite. In the 1920s, scientists discovered in insulin injections could utilize peptides to treat type 2 diabetes.

Essentially, these amino acids are full of beneficial uses. However, they also help to build muscle. They do so by producing various hormones and helping to construct proteins. We’ll explain more about that in the next section.

As a side note, many people confuse peptides with SARMs without really understanding their differences. The difference between SARMs vs peptides is their structure.

Peptides are amino acids and work as a dietary supplement. SARMs, however, are androgen receptor ligands that assist muscle building by binding to androgen receptors.

Although the two supplements operate differently, they both serve as alternatives to anabolic steroids and are both popular bodybuilding supplements.

How To Bodybuild With Peptides

So, what is it that makes peptides a helpful bodybuilding supplement? Well, recall that peptides release hormones. One of the most vital hormones it releases is the human growth hormone, or HGH.

HGH helps cut down body fat and build lean muscle mass. It has other health benefits, as well. When men reach the age of 35, their bodies stop producing the HGH levels they once did.

This results in several problems, including hair loss, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, a lower libido, and a weaker immune system. Taking peptides and restoring that supply of HGH can serve as a counter to these issues.

If you’re under 35, peptides are still just as beneficial for bodybuilding. It helps build lean muscle, regulate your appetite, cut body fat, and recover fast after workouts.

However, peptides are one of several supplements that offer these benefits. The primary reason people love them so much is that different peptides can target specific functions.

This function benefits you, as it allows you to quickly and efficiently meet various body goals. So, next we’ll break down some of the popular types of peptides and their advantages.

Modified GRF (1-29)

This is a highly common peptide for bodybuilding because it serves the dual function of cutting fat and stimulating muscle growth. Many peptides only do one or the other, but this one can do both.

These benefits make it a particularly useful peptide for those over 35, whose bodies are liable to lose muscle mass at a faster rate. Another advantage of this peptide is that it lengthens sleep and deepens its quality.


This peptide helps to slow the aging process in your body. It is highly proficient in releasing high quantities of HGH. This is because it contains some 29 out of the 44 required amino acids for releasing HGH.

Its primary downfall is that the half-life of sermorelin is incredibly short, only lasting about 10 minutes. This means you’ll have to take more of these peptides and spend more money replenishing your stock. There are lots of sermorelin peptide for sale online.


Ipamorelin is a type of peptide known as a Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide. These peptides produce HGH in your body whenever you take them, while others rely on being received in cycles.

Ipamorelin is an effective option for people who want a lighter experience with their peptides. It doesn’t stimulate the appetite, which many peptides do, nor does it affect your body’s cortisol levels.

Cortisol is a multi-purpose hormone that is vital to respond to stress and in regulating your metabolism. By not affecting this hormone, Ipamorelin allows you to have a more normalized experience in your bodybuilding.


GHRP-6 is a stellar peptide for anyone trying to build muscle, tackling the three issues of weight loss, muscle-building, and anti-aging. This peptide inhibits the body from releasing chemicals that impede itself from releasing HGH.

It’s a more effective peptide in this regard than others, which generally tackle only one of these tasks.

Invest in Peptides For Your Bodybuilding Needs

Peptides are an abundantly helpful resource in attaining your fitness goals. Whether your goal is to bulk up, slim down, or get back a more youthful look, these supplements can get you closer to it.

We hope this fitness guide has been helpful to you! If you’re interested in trying out peptides, you can find most of those named in this article online. Take the next step in reaching your fitness goals and order some today!

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