Five ways to earn money online through a website

We are all well aware of the drastic effects of the covid-19 pandemic on different aspects of our lives, especially the business. This pandemic has affected the economy so badly that people are going out of business, companies are going bankrupt, making hundreds and thousands of people unemployed. 

There are fewer 9-5 corporate jobs, so people are preferring to spend their time and efforts on earning money online. There are several ways to earn money online. Starting your own blog is one of the most reliable. If you can launch and grow a blog that gets regular visitors, you can monetize it in many ways. Website ATM is a course that teaches you how to do that. Here’s a review of the course.

And now, let’s read about some of the best methods to make money through your website.

Product advertisement as an affiliate:

One of the trendiest ways to earn online is to advertise products of different brands as an affiliate. Many big brands and companies pay people to advertise their products. These people are usually influencers or people who use blogging websites. You can make your website and start promoting products of different companies. You will receive a commission every time a product is sold with your lead. This is a very efficient way of earning passive money. You don’t need a great setup to start this business and you can earn more than the executive employees with affiliate marketing. However, the income is not fixed; you might be earning thousands one month and very little the next.

Dropshipping store:

The drop shipping business is a great way to earn money with a little capital to start. The number of drop shippers is increasing day by day. It is a business where you sell the products of a third party; you don’t own the products, you just add their products on your website or online stores, forward the customer’s order to the supplier who ships the products directly to the customers. Big names in the online retail business like AliExpress and eBay allow people to drop ship their products. More than 33% of online retail businesses use drop shipping. It is a cost-effective business as it doesn’t require a huge amount to start. You don’t need to have an inventory or warehouse to store products because you never have to handle those products. You can start this business from the one-room apartment with your computer.

Online teaching:

Social distancing due to covid has caused schools and colleges to close. The whole educational system has shifted online. Students are searching all over the web to find instructors of particular subjects to help them. If you have a knack for guiding students in their studies, you can start online teaching. Several platforms and websites register you as an instructor according to your qualification. Once you register yourself, students can find you and contact you for classes. Online teachers earn $15 to $30 per hour.

Narrating audiobooks:

One of the most interesting ways to earn money online is by narrating audiobooks. It might sound easy to narrate a book but professionally doing it requires some skills and abilities. You should be able to bring the story of the book to life, maintain the story pace, be able to make distinguishing voices for different characters, etc. this opens a great opportunity for people with unique voices as audiobooks are becoming very popular among book geeks. Experienced narrators are earning up to 500 dollars per hour.

Freelance writing:

Freelance writing is a great way of earning money for people that don’t like working for fixed hours. Freelance writers are those writers that work for themselves. They are self-employed and work at their convenient times. These writers write for different writers and charge per word, per article, or whatever suits them. One of the advantages of freelance writing is you can quit whenever you want and then start again. Freelance writers earn from $24000 to a hundred thousand dollars depending upon their working hours.


In the crumbling economy during the global pandemic, you must have a reliable income source. Starting up your online business won’t only help you earn more than your corporate jobs; it will also provide you the freedom to expand and experiment with your business.

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