How to Reach a Bigger Audience With Online Casino Marketing

In the event that you start to study the online gambling industry, then of course, you should understand that you will have to face some problems, unforeseen situations, difficulties, new terms that are unfamiliar to you will constantly appear. But you should not worry, because everyone once started with this and coped, the same thing will happen to you.

Free spins are one of the types of bonuses in video slots and slot machines. This is one of the most commonly seen additional features. As a rule, to trigger free spins you need to catch three or more Scatter symbols, which do not depend on active lines. Often, the more Scatters that appear on the screen at the same time, the more spins you get.

Features of free spins

The essence of free spins is that the gamer gets the opportunity not to pay for each spin, but to carry it out completely free of charge. In case you prefer Vulkan slots for money, this feature can help you get rich. The moves of the players in this situation are paid by the casino, while each player has a chance to win real money. The size of the bet in this case will be the same amount that was placed the day before. The active lines of the slot machine are calcula Free moves fall out to the player under different conditions, for example, when three special symbols appear on the reel. But there are slots where completely different rules apply. In some cases, you will need to score a certain number of points. The conditions for receiving free spins are spelled out in the rules of each slot machine from Vulkan. They should be read before the start of the game, then it will be much easier to plan it.ted according to the same principle. There is another, no less important benefit that free spins give. During free spins, the player may get the so-called wild symbol, which makes it possible to increase the number of bonus games by several times or double the amount of game payouts. There are game combinations that help the player get fireproof additional regular users.

Thus, free spins can be very beneficial for players. Before starting to play for money in one or another Vulkan slot machine, you should first make sure that it has free spins. If they are not, it is better to look for another machine.

What are the spins and their varieties in a casino?

The concept of “spin” is used by players in relation to roulette (all its varieties) and video slots. A spin in roulette is a spin of a wheel, a spin in slots is a spin of a drum.

 Spinning roulette in an online casino reduces the advantage of the institution in comparison with a real gambling house. In the digital universe, there are other laws – you observe the illusion of the movement of the ball, the process is controlled by the RNG. In real casinos, the ball is launched by the dealer – experienced players, by the nature of the launch, undertake to predict the outcome of the spin. If the administration of the establishment encounters such an expert, it gathers a council of dealers, smashes its employees there, but develops an antidote and takes the smart guy’s money.

Let’s learn how to get free spins on slots

Now you know what casino spins are, it’s time to move on to the next level of revelation – Let’s start the story about bonus spins. Free spins in roulette are given under certain conditions – they are regulated by the rules of the gambling house. Blind chance reigns in the slots – you have to catch the scatter symbol popping up in different parts of the screen. There are also other characters:

Wild symbol – a harbinger of winning combinations, pops up after free spins;

Multiplier – allows you to make money by multiplying the winnings of free spins three times or even four times;

Bonus symbols – multiply the amount of winnings several times (limited to one spin);

Extra spins – pop up during bonus spins.

In an online casino, the machine controls the spins on its own. If you were given 15 bonus spins, they will fly by quickly and without your direct participation. Don’t relax. We have prepared a bunch of surprises for you, I do not advise you to miss them.


Of course, if you are a beginner, then everything said is not clear to you, it is something from the world of fantasy, it seems that you will never figure it out, but this happens only at first. In the future, when you begin to gain practice and experience, everything will pass, and it will be possible to show good results in a particular gambling game.

On free spins, the player can spin the reel without spending money. At the same time, in case of a successful turn of events, the player can even count on a solid win. Such machines are present in every gambling establishment, they can be found in almost every Vulcan slot machine.  Spins of this kind are of great importance for players, gamers are looking forward to such a bonus. Indeed, in this case, you can play without making bets with real money.

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