Functionfox vs Aha Software

In order to keep up and manage your business products, it is essential to have your goals streamlined. Having a solid timeline for the organization and completion of tasks can improve the overall quality of your project. There is several best project management software that is available for users who wish to achieve their goals. Functionfox and Aha are two high-rated project management tools that are resourceful to people who want to manage their business. Since both of them share their basic characteristics, there is a conundrum as to which one is more useful.

Aha was founded in 2013, and it had the simple goal of helping companies with the process of creating a roadmap for their projects. The reason that Aha has had phenomenal growth ever since its conception is that it was able to provide solutions like crowdsource feedback, idea reviews, and so on.

Functionfox and Aha Features

One obvious difference between Functionfox and Aha software is that each has its own set of features:


Functionfox integrates an important feature where you can create a Timesheet with a Stopwatch Timer. This tool can ensure that the task list is followed thoroughly and on time. It further allows you to create unlimited projects so that you can cater to as many assignments as required. Moreover, Functionfox allows users to set their account preferences and customize them so that they have the upper hand in their project management. While Functionfox provides a vast range of features, so does Aha.

Function fox project management pitches itself as a solution for marketing teams, in-house teams, and design teams. With the help of powerful time-tracking tools, it is also able to provide support to freelancers. Users can easily access project status overviews and generate simple quotes and invoicing as well.

Additionally, you will be able to observe details in real-time so that you are able to deal with conflicts in a timely manner.

It further accommodates student programs and creative teams and ensures quality communication for one-on-one interactions. Functionfox is an ideal tool for staying in touch with people who are working towards the same goal.

Aha Project Management Software

Aha project management lets you create a vision that can assist you in setting realistic goals based on the time you have. An interesting feature of Aha is that it also generates business models, so you can easily create projects based on the available information. You can use the idea crowdsourcing feature to pitch and brainstorm thoughts that can be utilized to design campaigns.

Aha provides assistance for IT planning, business operations, as well as marketing. Aha targets third-party clients and helps you stay in touch with your customers. Aha can be more useful if it is used for managing projects which need to be sourced out directly.

It can be said that Functionfox and Aha are shoulder-to-shoulder management software, with each prioritizing a unique set of tools.

App Integrations of Functionfox and Aha

It has become essential to have app integrations so that every aspect of the management process is covered. Aha follows suit by providing various integrated tools such as Redmine, Jira, Visual Studio, and Trello. Each of these tools targets specific needs and eliminates the process of having to switch back and forth from one software to another.

Functionfox has a completely different model and built-in tools which allow the platform to work independently. It does not rely on integration to be able to provide alternatives for Excel and Word etc.

Pricing Differences between Functionfox and Aha

It is true that Functionfox and Aha are more or less offering similar solutions, but their pricing plans vary in nature. There are several factors that account for the difference as well.

Functionfox Pricing

Functionfox provides three different plants: Classic, Premier, and In-House. The Classic plan can cost up to $35 for each user per month and offers features like the Timewatch Stopper, retainer tracking, and comprehensive reports.

The Premier plan charges almost $50 per month for every user who is on board. This plan is able to offer features like Gantt charts and a blog for internal communication. Moreover, the premier also combines features that are provided by the classic pricing plan.

And finally, Functionfox provides an elaborate plan for the in-house plan. There are some essential tools like job intake forms and email alerts that enhance your business model as well. The in-house pricing plan charges up to $150 every month for each user.

All of the Functionfox costs are for the first user, and there is a visible discount for users who will join afterward. Functionfox does not provide a free trial or free plan, but you can easily make yourself familiar with its features with the help of a demo.

Aha Pricing

Aha project management accommodates up to eight pricing plans categorized under three labels: Ideas, Roadmaps, and Develop. The Ideas model has Essential and Advanced pricing plans, with each offering an exclusive range of tools. For instance, where Essential has a set portal access, Advanced has custom portal access. In other words, the Advanced plan focuses on exclusivity and personalized experiences. Essential and Advanced prices are $39 and $59, respectively. Additionally, an Aha demo can facilitate the users’ knowledge about its features in detail.

The roadmap pricing plan accommodates four different models and targets users who are looking for product management tools particularly. On the other hand, there are two pricing plans which are part of Develop model and equipping the user with development tools. Development tools consist of Kanban boards, sprint, and analytics. The essential pricing plan costs $9, whereas the advanced plan costs twice that amount.


Functionfox and Aha software is both designed to maintain product development in effective ways. Similarly, their pricing plans accommodate users by ensuring that they can purchase the most suitable set of tools.

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