How Bad Is It to Not Wash Your Sheets Every Week?

Good sleep is the first thing that is needed for everyone. Good sleep improves your concentration and reduces the chances of harmful diseases. However, you sleep on a sheet. For good sleep, it is necessary to use clean sheets which are washed regularly. It is essential to keep the sheets sharp and spreadable.

Here in this article, you will learn everything about washing sheets.

Why should you wash your sheets?

Sheets contain thousands of germs that sleep on them. Most of them are dust particles. It doesn’t bite but when they eat the dead cells it causes allergies and irritation. Your bed is also a dead body with those dust particles. In addition to dust mites, your bedding holds your body’s dirt and sweat. If the sheet is not washed for a long time, it may contain various germs. Therefore it is necessary to always wash the sheet to remove these dust particles.

How to wash your sheets?

Washing your sheets is super simple. To wash your sheets, just follow the points below.

  1. Read the manufactured instructions before proceeding to wash in the washing machine.
  2. Wash the sheets in hot water, this will kill all the harmful germs and germs. You can use hot water for polyester sheets.
  3. Wash it with mild detergent and put it in water. Leave it for a few minutes to rinse off. This ensures that no soapy water is left behind.
  4. Tumble dry your sheets, and if the label says not to tumble dry, you can sundry it. Sunlight is an excellent antimicrobial agent.
  5. You can iron it as it kills germs. You use bamboo sheets to wash in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. Also, it is better to wash silk sheets by hand and dry them in the sun. Now, your sheets have been washed, now lay them on your bed and enjoy a good and healthy sleep.

How often should you change your sheets?

It’s a healthy activity if you change your sheets every week. This is enough time for dirt, sweat, and thousands of dust mites to accumulate on your bed. If you have extra sheets the effort will be reduced. When you are washing one sheet you can use another sheet. It is better to have at least 2 sheets.

If you are sick and sick then you should offer chadar daily. Also, remove it and wash it, it will not spread the infection to others.

Many surveys report that people change sheets after a week. While some of them even change after a month.

So you should change your bedsheets every week.

Tips to keep your sheets dirt free

Below are some tips to keep your sheets from dust particles.

  1. The best suggestion is to wash your sheets often in hot water, this will keep away all the allergens and germs. Experts also recommend it.

2, You can empty your sheets in between cleaning. This will remove all the dust particles that have accumulated there.

  1. Do not jump on the bed wearing dirty clothes. Always change your clothes whenever you come from outside or before sleeping.
  2. Avoid sleeping with a sweaty body that collects germs on the sheets. Therefore it is better to take a refreshing shower before sleeping.
  3. You can use a disinfecting spray to clean your sheets in between washes. It will also keep the smell away.

What about pillows, blankets, and comforters?

However, it is not only necessary to keep the sheets clean for good sleep. Pillows, blankets, and mattresses are also an important part. Since dust mites also accumulate in these bedding, causing allergies and irritation. Therefore, to remove this importance, wash them also.

However, if the pillow is washable, wash it once every 3-4 months. The pillow cover is washed once a week like a sheet. Blankets must be washed once every 2-3 months. Also, the comforter needed to be washed once every two months.

Like blankets and comforters do not make contact with the body. So you don’t need to wash it like a sheet once a week. If you don’t wash the blanket you can put it in the sun, it will remove all the pests and disinfect the blanket. Pillows are also home to dead cells from other scalp germs. So the best way is to clean them or you can keep the pillow in the sun.

Should you wash new sheets?

Washing new sheets is important and highly recommended. You should wash it before using it for the first time. They often have colored markings that are harmless. Washing new sheets will remove the chemicals and color from them. The sheet will shrink after washing.

If you have allergies, how often should you wash your sheets?

If you have allergies, you should wash them daily to remove dirt. Dirt can cause sneezing which can disturb your sleep. Prefer to wash a minimum of four times a week.

However, it is necessary to wash the sheets every week. Along with this, it is also important to choose the right bed sheet for sleeping. Most likely you should be using percale sheets. You should like percale sheets for their crispness. It will be better for a good night’s sleep as it gives comfort in cold weather. Percale sheets are made of cotton but sometimes polyester and rayon are mixed between cotton. This sheet has decades of durability and it is breathable. This sheet is available in the market at an affordable price. This sheet normally has an average range of 200-300 thread counts.


So, we know how bad it is to leave a dirty sheet dirty and we also know that the longer we leave a dirty sheet the worse it becomes. So, how bad is it not to wash your sheet? Well, some people do it, some don’t do it and some people even clean their sheets once or twice a week. However, we all need to realize that this is not good for our sheets. So, what does this have to do with you?

Well, if you don’t want to end up doing laundry because you hate doing it then make sure that you wash your sheet at least once a week. This way you will avoid having to do laundry for a few days. However, if you can’t afford to do laundry then make sure you take care of your sheet by washing it as much as possible.

The next time you are at work and you have to do laundry then make sure you at least wash the bottom half of your sheet. This way your sheet won’t get soiled as quickly. If you have to wash the top part of your sheet then only do it once a week. Also, don’t forget to put the dryer in a cool setting so that your sheet doesn’t get soiled as quickly.

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