We are all bound by rules, regulations and laws and this applies to the world of commerce. Every business must be registered with the government and certain licences must be applied for and issued. Of course, it is every business owner’s goal to stay on the right side of the law and forging an alliance with a business lawyer is recommended, as this legal expert can assist you in many ways.

Customer Conflicts

While we always try to avoid such situations, they can and do happen. A customer might be unhappy, even after all your efforts to put things right and it isn’t uncommon for a consumer to take legal action. This is a time to seek expert legal advice. When facing legal claims, businesses always have a law firm they trust to help them out.

Supplier Issues

When a business owner is dissatisfied with a consignment, they would obviously have dialogue with said supplier and if this does not yield the desired result, you have the option of filing a lawsuit. Of course, the boot might be on the other foot; you may be the supplier and you feel you have met the terms of the contract, yet the client refuses to pay the invoice.

Protecting The Business

A business lawyer can advise you regarding types of insurance to take out; general liability and employer’s liability can be combined in a single policy. You also need to have very clear terms and conditions of employment – something your business lawyer can draft, while providing advice about complex labour laws and how to stay compliant.

Employee Conflicts

The larger the workforce, the greater the chances of employee issues. Some people are very well versed in labour laws and when they feel their rights are being violated, employees may take legal action. When you have a business lawyer in your team, you can respond appropriately; the lawyer can also mediate a conflict, ensuring a quick resolution. The labour laws in Thailand, for example, are very complex and the Ministry of Labour sets out strict guidelines regarding employment; if you receive notification that one of your employees has made contact with the Ministry of Labour regarding an issue, you should immediately seek out Thailand law firm services if you don’t have an in-house business lawyer, and let the expert guide you.

Leasing/Buying Real Estate

If your business is expanding and you are looking for a suitable venue to purchase or lease, the lawyer will ensure that terms and conditions are favourable and the legal expert always has your best interests at heart. There are also taxation issues that the lawyer can help with, which could save you a lot of money.

Regardless of your chosen industry, if you run a small business, you should consult with a lawyer whenever any legal issues arise. The lawyer can advise you about insurance cover to protect the business, helping your business to grow and whenever litigation is involved, you have the best advice and representation from an English-speaking business lawyer.

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