From offline to multiplayer, the gaming industry has changed its landscape to NFT games that allow players to earn crypto while playing games.

The concept behind earning crypto by playing games is derived from the fusion of gaming and finance, which unveiled new possibilities for NFTs.

If you’re someone looking for an answer to how to earn crypto playing games, keep reading till the end. We’ve also talked about two popular NFT games in the end.

Before we get to how you can earn crypto playing games, let’s start by understanding what crypto games are and how they function.

What Are Crypto Games and How Do They Work?

Generally known as NFT games or play-to-earn games, crypto games are blockchain-based online multiplayer games that allow players to buy and trade NFTs as game characters or other digital assets.

The players can also stake or hold their NFTs to earn rewards. As a result, NFT games have become the highlights of consumer-level blockchain.

Crypto games are a novel application of NFTs. Traditionally, NFTs were only used to store crypto-collectibles. However, NFT games use NFTs to create game rules, facilitate mechanisms and player interactions.

For instance, NFT games can represent digital elements like game characters and weapons as NFTs. Similarly, the digital assets the players find during the gameplay can also represent NFTs. The players are allowed to collect all these NFTs and swap them with other players to earn profit while playing.

One more thing to know before you earn crypto playing games is to identify the legitimacy of an NFT game.

You Should Only Invest in a Legit Game

Of course, you’d want to invest your money and time in an NFT game that will last for years and give you the desired returns. But how would you identify the legitimacy of an NFT game?

Here is the solution.

In order to check the worthiness of an NFT game, you should check its ‘tokenomics.’ Tokenomics is the economics of the native token of an NFT game.

Focus on the number of tokens the game has supplied or is willing to supply. An ideal NFT game would have a limited number of tokens to offer.

Moreover, you should also figure out how much return you can expect if you stake or hold your NFTs in the game. The game will only be successful if it entices other gamers in terms of returns.

Now you know the basics of NFT gaming. You should try out the following games to earn crypto playing games.

Top NFT Games in 2022

Following are the top two NFT games of 2022 to earn crypto playing games.

1. Wizardia

Wizardia is your best choice for earning crypto playing games. The game offers multiplayer modes for PvP battles. The players can also battle with AI-powered bots in a PvE environment.

The tokenomics of Wizardia is on the greener side, where the game has limited its tokens to a maximum of 28,000 NFTs.

Moreover, the rewards and incentives offered by the game are lucrative enough to attract gamers and crypto investors. Wizardia claims on their website that their early investors can look forward to earning up to 76.80% APY rewards.

Although Wizardia is a paid game, and you have to buy their NFTs if you want to fully participate, the high returns make it worth investing in.

2. Plant Vs. Undead

Plant vs. Undead is a free-to-participate NFT game that is based on a meteorite-hit planet where animals have become the undead and want to kill mother trees.

The game is regulated by its native token called PVU. In addition, the in-game currency for Plant vs. Undead is named Light Energy (LE). These in-game currencies can be exchanged with PVUs which are stored on the Binance platform.

Concluding Note

NFT games have changed the way people make money via NFTs, and it’s time for you to start earning crypto by playing games.

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