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Trading bitcoin can take some time to get used to, as there are several things that a beginner should learn before investing in cryptocurrency. Besides learning about bitcoin and the bitcoin market, one should know the bitcoin trading trends.

Trading trends are patterns derived from the past price charts of bitcoin. Using these charts, one can predict the future price of bitcoin. This allows one to make a clear and concise decision about buying and selling bitcoins.

Analyzing bitcoin trading trends 

Bitcoin trading can be a hassling topic for many who do not have any knowledge about crypto markets and trading. There are several ways one can analyze the market. And out of them, studying the trends for trading is the wisest decision.

Now, there are several ways one can study trends of bitcoin trading, like:

–         Price analysis: These days, one can find several short-term estimated price charts of bitcoin on different trading websites. This allows one to know the predicted price of the bitcoin for the next 15-20 minutes, and they can make a quick decision.

–         Studying market: One of the best ways to understand the current trend of bitcoin is by doing fundamental analysis and technical analysis. One should pay attention to the news and press events based on crypto market. Also, one should read the recent charts and graphs to understand indicators, moving averages, etc.

–         Price prediction: Another way to study and understand the bitcoin trading trend is; by using the prediction tools. One should use different bitcoin tools, as it works slightly differently from general capital markets. Several tools can be used these days to know the future prices of bitcoin.

–         Read news and flow social media: Another highly useful way to analyze and be aware of the bitcoin trends in trading is by keeping oneself up-to-date. One should read the latest news related to bitcoin. Also, one should follow social media accounts that put up the latest happenings of the bitcoin market. This way, one can learn market updates.

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What affects bitcoin trading trends?

The market works and functions on various factors. The Crypto market is no different. Several factors can affect the price and value of the assets. Whether the trend will show an upward movement (bullish movement) or downward movement (bearish movement) depends on various events encompassing the crypto market.

–         Events: At times, the events happening across the globe in the bitcoin market can affect the trend of trading bitcoin. Different events like crypto breaches, major announcements, integration with other systems, etc., can help change the market trend.

–         Demand: One of the biggest factors that affect the market of crypto is the demand; more demand makes the market bullish and hikes the value of the bitcoins. On the other hand, when bitcoins are scarce, the value will decrease.

Three common bitcoin trends

Each trend has its reasons and after-effects and causes small or large market movements. As per the Dow Theory, there are 3 types of market trends that the cryptocurrency market tends to experience:

  1. Primary market trend: The primary trend is the basic trend that shows that the crypto market is bullish or bearish, and  this means the asset value is incrementing or decrementing, respectively.
  2. Secondary market trend: The secondary trend of the crypto market falls in the primary trend itself. When the market is bullish, the secondary trend can cause the value to go down, causing bearish tendencies. Later, the value may go up, causing bullish tendencies and then again fall back to a decrementing trend. You can avoid this risk by taking Bitcoin as a long-term investment.
  3. Tertiary market trend: Tertiary market trends are very small movements that last up to 7 days at the most. They are also called noise in the crypto market and are usually ignored as they have no long-term repercussions.

Trading is a complex process for those who are new to the market. You should know the recent trends about this crypto market to stat updated. All this can be made easy by studying the right trends and estimating a certain value that will help make a decision.

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