10 ways to make your bathroom space stylish and smart

Many people shy away from rental properties because they fear that the bathrooms will be outdated or in poor condition. However, there are a few simple tricks that can make even the most budget-friendly rental property bathroom look upscale. With just a few small yet smart changes, you can create an elegant and inviting bathroom that will impress.

If you are a rental property investor who wants to provide luxury accommodation for your tenants, there are ways you can do that without spending a fortune. You may or may not have a small builder who renovates your properties, but either way, here are a few great ideas to make your bathrooms look classy without spending a fortune.

DIY Solutions

Of course, a bathroom renovation is going to be much cheaper than calling in a builder and with affordable bathroom designers Sunbury or your city can offer, you can create the perfect bathroom. The specialist bathroom design outfit have all the solutions and with trade prices, the renovation will be affordable. The design company uses 3D computer technology to create a bathroom so that the client can see how the finished project will look.

Minimalist Look

Creating a minimalist look in the bathroom is a great idea, as this keeps costs down; using the right contractor will help to keep costs to a reasonable level. Search online for a leading bathroom design company and see what they can come up with design wise. Choose something that fits with the rest of the property and your tenants will be happy.

One Stop Solution

Rather than trying to deal with several contractors, find a bathroom design firm such as the one you can find at a Farnham bathroom shop and tell them your budget, which will help them to design a bathroom that ticks all the boxes. They will handle every aspect of the renovation and invite you to inspect the finished job, plus they always work to the client’s timeline.

Partner Up With A Local Builder

Whether you have one or more rental properties, teaming up with a local builder helps you in several ways. When the tenants leave, you can send in your team to make sure that everything is ready for the new tenants, plus if there are any immediate repairs needed, the builder has you covered. Most small builders are happy to work to the customer’s budget; tell them how much you are prepared to spend and see what they come up with.

Online Suppliers

If you would like to view a wide range of bathroom suites at the lowest prices, the online supplier is the best place to look. There are some great deals to be found on the Internet and self-installation saves you even more; if you have the tools, the time and the know-how, you can renovate your rental property bathroom to a luxury standard.

Most rental property owners use a property management company to take care of their investment, as they offer a complete service that includes:

  • Sourcing & screening tenants
  • End of tenancy clean
  • Building repairs
  • Assist with legal conflicts

They also provide 24/7 security when the property is empty, which is an essential service, especially during these troubled times.

When renovating a rental property, you obviously want the most from your investment and by shopping around, you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

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