Package layout is a crucial factor in developing a brand name in identification and distinguishing a company from its competitors. Today’s market belongs to the business that has the quality, splendor looks, and artistry expression. Product packaging industry specialists would respond to the concern with a technological term: biaxially oriented polypropylene, a fancy name. “Biaxially oriented” implies in ways where producers stretch the plastic film in two opposite ways. They do this to enhance their sturdiness, pliability, and quality.

BOPP denotes biaxially-oriented polypropylene. It’s a variant of polypropylene (PP). Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer, at the same time called polypropene. It’s an optimal printing surface area from China BOPP film manufacturer. BOPP is essentially polypropylene that’s stretched level. BOPP is oriented in two ways. This is where the “biaxially-oriented (BO)” component of BOPP originates from. Tenter structure sequential procedure, simultaneous tenter structure orientation, and the double bubble process are the only three processes of manufacturing. This technological document from Brueckner-Maschinenbau, one of the earliest BOPP producers, clarifies these processes in more information.

Fundamentally, BOPP is the kick-ass product we choose to make the very best labels. Below’s why we love it.

BOPP is most suitable for printing

Imprinting with both water- and solvent-based inks is feasible on BOPP tags. The surface area of BOPP film is treated with several techniques to maintain and enhance printability and adhesiveness. Being transparent or opaque, resistant to water and chemicals, BOPP is very convenient to print on.  

Water, chemical, and UV resistance

  • BOPP can be called “the Hulk” of all plastic films. Almost unbreakable, it resists oil and water, making it perfect for labeling products used in the kitchen area or the washroom.
  • Thanks to its resistance to a large number of chemicals– solvents, bleaches, and anti-fungal  BOPP are ideal for drug and beauty product labels which are from China Bopp film manufacturer.
  • Laminated BOPP film can also manage UV light, indicating its shades do not fade in sunlight.

BOPP can be crystal clear or nontransparent

BOPP has excellent clearness, so it’s ideal for permeable labels. This product is offered in its nontransparent variety. Whether you desire a completely transparent or vibrantly tinted label, we have a kind of BOPP label to meet your requirements.

The unique properties for choosing BOPP base film are a lot. Take a look. 

  • Being glossy and high translucence, BOPP contains an astonishing surface and looks.
  • Comparing to several polyester films, BOPP films have good resistance against air pollutions, a barrier to water vapor or humidity, and have the tendency to resist hazardous chemicals.
  • It has the best dimensional stability, transparent look, lower electrostatic charge, recyclable, and flatness
  • It applies great and optimal efficiency over speeding printing
  • Being resistant to hazardous chemicals and contamination, China BOPET Film has resistance to oils and grease
  • BOPP films do not crumple or decrease with modifications in the ecosystem 

BOPP films have fabulous advantages like:

  • They are eco-friendly, lightweight
  • Acceptance throughout the globe
  • Packaged products are easy to transport and products damage are minimized in harsh weather condition
  • Susceptibility to maintain the item inside products
  • De-lamination is not needed
  • They have good transparency and are immune to ultraviolet arrays

A variety of applications have been found in BOPP Films

  • Quality F1 China BOPET Films are made use of for the sealing and packing the food  
  • Standard BOPP films are made use of for printing, electrical applications, and lamination
  • Other applications consist of extrusion layer crating, flower wrapping, reverse printing
  • Adhesive tapes and pressure-sensitive tapes are getable
  • The white and non-transparent colored film is used for general purposes like bag printing, wrapping cables, strip product packaging 

Why BOPP is the only product you need for labels

Flexible and strong, BOPP is an excellent product for tags in the food and non-food packaging fields. It has many benefits over various other label materials, like paper and vinyl.

BOPP vs. paper tags

Paper bags can not resist water, oil, and chemicals, whereas BOPP is too comfortable with it compared to papers. Plastic is also a lot more sturdy and stronger than paper. Besides, the paper has no chance to compare with BOPP in terms of tears and scratches. 

BOPP labels vs. plastic sticker labels

BOPP seems to be thinner compared to the vinyl material. Labels are published on a roll, this makes them optimal for rapid peeling and application. 

BOPP bags are food-safe

BOPP is one of the safest and optimal for the food packaging sector. A few examples are coffee and tea packaging, honey jars, bottle, and all kind of food containers. It is flexible, slim, and long-lasting without emitting any toxic elements. 

BOPP labels are water and oil insusceptible

Any tag that may run into oil or water needs to come out undamaged. The water and oil resistance of the BOPP label product make it useful for applications in the cosmetic industry and lots of others. Firm labels are best for moisturizer jars, hair shampoo bottles, and lip balm tubes, among others.

BOPP is a product that requires customized tools. It makes it easy for you to get any sort of tag you need for your homemade developments or your organization. We use the most effective products and equipment so we can turn your layout into high-grade labels.

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