How to Become a Commercial Truck Driver

Dubai is the most visited tourist destination in the world, offering many driving opportunities. Many people make plans to visit the most stunning tourist attractions in the world. Teenagers visit Dubai to drive their dream sports car. You might be wondering how you could drive your dream car in Dubai even if you don’t have the money. You are in luck! There is good news!

You can drive luxury exotic cars, no matter if you’re a UAE resident or a tourist. You may be wondering how? It Is quite simple. To hire kia sportage in uae you only need to hire the vehicle from a professional. There are certain terms and conditions that you must follow when renting a car. For renting a car, you will need to have a VISA and other necessary documents.

Table of Content

  • Is it legal to drive in Dubai without a license?
  • Is driving in Dubai without a permit a crime?
  • What is the maximum fine for driving in Dubai without a permit?
  • Is there another punishment than a fine?

Is it legal to drive in Dubai without a permit?

You cannot drive in Dubai without a permit. Driving in Dubai requires a license or International Driving Permit. You can rent an automobile with no license, but it is illegal to drive without one. Yes. It’s not something you should take for granted. Violations of Dubai Road and Traffic Authority rules and regulations (RTA) will result in you being charged.

Before you put your hands on your car, it is important to have all your essentials. Many tourists attempt to avoid the Dubai Police by using their country’s license. You can only drive in Dubai if you have either a UAE driving license or an International Driving Permit. You should take a lot of time to think before you get behind the wheel. Dubai RTA will consider it an offensive crime.

Is driving in Dubai without a permit a crime?

Article 51 of the Traffic Law numbered 21 states that driving without a driver’s license is a crime. If you do so, you’ll be subject to a fine. This punishment can be fatal for some teenagers and elite tourists.

You will be punished for violating traffic rule # 21. A driver who does not have a valid license, according to Dubai rules and regulations 2007, will be sentenced to a minimum of three months in jail along with a large fine. Imagine spending your entire vacation in jail. It will be the most horrible experience. It is why I recommend that you never drive without a Dubai license.

What is the maximum fine for driving in Dubai without a permit?

We all know that Dubai is strict about laws and regulations. The same is true for the traffic department. A hefty fine of 5,000 AED will be assessed if you are caught driving without a valid license. This fine should be considered before you take the wheel without a permit.

All traffic law violators will be subject to the huge AED 5,000 fine. The UAE Public Prosecution announced the heavy fine in a tweet. These strict decisions were made due to the increasing number of accidents. This penalty applies regardless of whether you’re a resident, an ex-pat or a tourist.

Is there another punishment than a fine?

Yes. Yes. The Dubai police will immediately lock you up if you are caught driving illegally. For driving without a license, you’ll be shocked to learn that you will spend 3 months in jail. If you get caught driving without a license, how about driving to Dubai?

Car rental Dubai companies shouldn’t rent a car to anyone without a driver’s license. You don’t need to be worried if you don’t have a valid license or lack the time to obtain one. The professional Cheap Rent A Car Dubai Company can provide chauffeured services. It’s better to travel in an official manner with a driver than spend vacations in jail.

You should not attempt to drive your own motor or a rented one in Dubai without a valid driving license.

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