Journey Over Destination- Why Overlanding Is To Die For

Overlanding has been given much attention recently, and it is defined as traveling to remote places or certain outdoor areas. Instead of the focus on staying on a piece of land for some time, the focus is shifted towards the act of journeying to these places instead. These are usually accomplished by using SUVs, trucks, or any other offroad vehicles, and if paired with the best overland offroad accessories, this would be something worth your time.

However, what makes Overlanding something to die for?

The Destination? What About The Journey?

Whenever you would think of traveling to remote places on foot, you would normally think of camping out in green fields where one could see the glorious sunrises or sets. Others would also think of going on hiking trails where people spend hours or even a few days traversing a mountain. Both of these occasions involve traveling towards their focus of reaching a destination

Nevertheless, there is a saying that a journey is much more important than the destination, and in this sense, they would be right. The destination is made so much sweeter if the journey itself was so much fun, doubling its “worth” when with some friends as well. When talking about camping or hiking, there is a certain constraint placed as these people are only able to traverse certain areas to reach their destination. With Overlanding, so much more can be done as you go over places you could not on foot.

What Do You Need For The Best Time?

  • Plates, Sliders & Recovery Devices

On the side of practicality, these are things you must have when you find yourself Overlanding. These skid plates and rock sliders are used to protect that SUV or pick-up truck that you want to use for the journey. Businesses such as RCI developed both skid plates to defend engines, transmissions, and transfer cases from hazards and rock sliders which essentially do the same for the side skirts and doors of the vehicle. Recovery devices such as winches, shovels, and jacks from companies like MAXTRAX aid in gripping the SUV or truck to the terrain and literally “pulling out” of bad situations.

  • Roof Tents, Jerry Cans & Fuel Containers

More for practical reasons, rooftop tents, jerry cans, and fuel containers are for the survival of the journeyman. Rooftop tents are essentially tents that allow you to camp out in places you would not expect such as highways. Flatlands are the much-preferred area, however, as these would make setups much more convenient.

In the so-called “wild” areas, there is also the topic of trying to find water to drink, but most of these waters have different bacterias and parasites living in them. Fortunately, Lifesaver Jerrycans have been developed to filter out all of these to make water for consumption and hygiene, and this can filter up to 5,000 gallons of water. RotopaX has also developed fuel containers that essentially keep spare fuel for emergencies.

  • Roof Racks & Bed Racks

With all of the needs and wants you are going to bring to the trip, you will need someplace to hold them, and thankfully, many companies such as PrinSu and MAXTRAX have developed roof racks for this specific purpose. For those wanting to spend overnight in the outdoors, businesses such as Leitner Designs, RCi, and upTOP Overland have made bed racks that could give you the best comfort in your home away from home.

From the use of a vehicle alone, Overlanding is not just your regular old camping trip or hiking event. With this, I would argue that Overlanding is one of the things to list down on the bucket list. However, there are a few things on the journeyman’s checklist before taking this trip. Do not despair as there are many options to give you all you need for that experience worth dying for.

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