Keeping Up With Fashion- 7 Mistakes to Avoid to Stay Chic This Summer

With summer on the away, you have to make sure that you have everything you need in your closet to stay stylish when the mercury rises.

Staying stylish this summer starts with having the right pieces in your wardrobe. Your collection should be a mix of classic fashion items and some expected to trend this season.

This is something that you have to remember when you go shopping for women’s clothes before or during the warm season.

You can also be your naturally chic self this season by avoiding these fashion mistakes:

1.   Completely overhauling your summer wardrobe

Even if you have a large budget for your summer shopping spree, it is not a good idea to throw out all your warm-weather clothes, especially those with classic styles and which still fit you.

A smart and cost-efficient way to update your summer wardrobe is to get new clothes that pair well with your current outfits.

To ensure the new pieces you get will pair well with your current ones, inventory your closet first before you go shopping. Check the styles and colors of the summer dresses, tops, and bottoms you have and choose classic and currently trending clothes you can mix and match with them.

2.   Buying clothes that are too revealing

Showing some skin is something normal and even expected during summer. However, it does not mean that you should shop for and wear extremely skimpy clothes, especially if you intend to wear them in the office.

If you want to wear some skin-baring and form-fitting clothes during summer but still dress appropriately and look classy, follow these tips:

  • Wear a tank top or opaque camisole under a sheer blouse or one that doesn’t reveal too much cleavage.
  • Avoid extremely thin and figure-hugging leggings since they can expose your panty lines and curves.
  • Choose pants or shorts with waists that are not too low that they reveal your underwear when you bend or sit.
  • Choose tops and dresses with short sleeves and designs that bare the shoulders, nape, and wrists rather than your chest, underarms, and hips.

3.   Buying and wearing clothes in the wrong sizes

Whether oversized and tight-fitting clothes are in-style or not, you have to be a bit cautious in following these trends.

Oversized clothes tend to work best for ladies underwear with tall and thin physiques. On the other hand, extremely tight outfits often do not look great on anyone since they can accentuate unflattering body parts.

The best clothes for summer (and any other season) are those that show off your attractive parts, flatter your curves, and hide any unsightly spots.

However, if you want to wear oversized or tight-fitting clothes, ensure you style them in a way that brings out your best parts and hide your unattractive one.

For instance, balance an oversized top by wearing a pair of skinny jeans. Another trick is to cinch the shirt or blouse at the waist with a belt.

4.   Over-layering outfits

Although you should be wearing tank tops and camisoles under blouses that reveal too much cleavage or are made of sheer fabric, it does not mean that you should go over the top with layering your outfits.

Below are some tips for layering outfits the right way:

  • Avoid wearing ruffled skirts or mini dresses over leggings and jeans since this style will make you look bottom-heavy.
  • Wear cropped pants or ankle-skimming nipped waist dresses with a high neckline to look slim at the bottom.
  • Do not wear a massive scarf over a structured jacket because this will make you look stout and neck-less.
  • Make your upper body look slimmer by opting for off-shoulder tops with adjustable straps that show your clavicles.
  • Wear belted tab-sleeve shirtdresses to hide your bingo wings and define your waist.

5.   Not being particular with colors

Bright hues go hand in hand with summer. However, be wary of the colors you choose and how you incorporate them in your OOTD.

Start by minimizing your glitzy pieces in your outfit. Opt for only one or two, such as a top or pair of sunglasses and a beach hat.

If you are wearing neon from top to bottom, you will end up attracting attention for the wrong reasons.

Even if you are wearing neon swimwear in Qatar, stick to only this piece. Opt for a neutral cover-up, tote, and pair of sandals to complete your beach outfit.

If you want to stay classy yet still convey that fun, laid-back summer vibe, choose clothes and accessories with coral, blue, and yellow hues. Pair these pieces with your favorite neutrals.

Lastly, avoid wearing black and other dark clothes since they absorb heat and can toast you under hot temperatures.

6.   Over-accessorizing

Your new outfits will definitely make you want to bring out your favorite earrings, necklace, watch, sunglasses, and hat. Although wearing them will make you happy, be wary about putting them all at once. You may want to buy a ring, then a necklace, and slowly build up from basics before going all out and throwing on everything.

Wearing too many accessories can weigh you down. These fashion pieces are meant to complement or elevate your outfit, not overwhelm you. As such, keep these to a minimum.

Also, keep in mind that wearing some heavy jewelry can cause you to develop rashes when you stay out too long under the sun.

7.   Wearing the wrong footwear

Lastly, with temperatures heating up, it’s time to hide your boots and winter sneakers and bring out your summer shoes.

This means bringing out and getting some new sandals and slip-ons. Also, if you don’t have a pair of white sneakers yet or need additional ones, get them now.

Chunky shoes are also expected to trend this year. You won’t go wrong with getting a pair of light sneakers and loafers with block heels.

If you can’t live without leather footwear because of your work, choose the thinnest and lightest pair possible so that your feet stay aerated and can breathe for comfort and lesser sweating.

Also, don’t forget to bring out your (or shop for) classy evening stilettos and kitty heels for your ladies’ night out, after sunset parties, and other formal or semi-formal events.

Finally, no matter how much you love your flip-flops and beach sandals, avoid wearing those every day since they can damage your toes, hurt your heels, cause blisters, and worsen your bunions.

Additionally, do not wear them to the office since they are too casual.

Save your favorite and new flip-flops and beach sandals for your days at the seashore, pool, and resort.

When you avoid these mistakes and prepare well for summer, there is no reason for you not to stay on top of fashion during the warm season.


Bianca Castro is the digital marketing executive at Doha Festival City, the largest entertainment, fashion, dining, and shopping destination in Qatar. The mall has more than 400 international and local brands, including some of the most anticipated names, many of which made their Qatar debut, such as Harvey Nichols, Charlotte Tilbury, Kiehl’s, Dior Beauty Boutique, ACE and IKEA.

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