With power cuts happening all over the place; having an inverter is more like a norm than an exception in a country like India. It’s what keeps us cool when the power goes out during summers and keeps us warm when it’s cold. Simply put, it’s our go-to backup solution during a power outage.

So, it only makes sense to have an inverter at home. However, if you don’t yet have one and are planning to get one for your home, it can get quite confusing as to which one to buy since the market is flooded with hundreds of models of inverters across various budgets to choose from.

In case you too are getting confused, you are at the right place because we are about to discuss a few essential things that you need to look at when you are out to buy inverters that would help you quickly move from what’s being hyped to the one that is actually for your unique needs and requirements.

Always Go for the Best Technology

As a rule of thumb, always go for the best inverter technology even if it costs more. Agreed, that you would be shelling out a bit more money, but that extra cost makes the inverters future proof. So, what’s the best technology around, you might ask? It’s pure sine wave inverters!

A pure sine wave inverter is the safest of all options because they are great at securing your expensive appliances against overcharging and minimize any risks of damage. Moreover, they are completely noiseless when in operation and kick in seamlessly once the power’s out. Simply put, we should all put our money only on the winning horse, and pure sine wave is the best in the lot right now!

Keep your Power Requirement in Mind

Keeping your power requirement in mind is the key to getting inverters that can deliver adequate power to your home during a power crisis. Therefore, it’s best to figure out how much equipment you would be running off the auxiliary power during an outage and how much power would be required. You must get at least 700-900 VA inverters because it’s good enough to support appliances in a typical Indian household.

Back It Up with a Great Battery

A battery is the energy reserve of an inverter unit and you must get a good battery to complement that unit. If you live in an area where long and frequent power cuts are the norm, then a tubular battery should be the ideal battery for you; a flat plate battery is great for areas with short frequent power cuts; therefore, choose your battery according to the frequency and duration of power cuts in your area.

Luminous has a range of inverters for varying needs and requirements across various budgets and specifications. You can go through their entire catalog in case you are looking forward to getting inverters as they are the market leaders in the home power backup domain and they make some of the best products in the market.

Let’s take a look at one such inverter which is affordable, intelligent, has a long service life, and is an excellent value for money proposition.

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS

The Zelio+ 1100 home pure sinewave inverter UPS is priced at ₹6,840 and comes with a 32-bit DSP processor onboard making it an intelligent home UPS. The inverter comes with 900 VA capacity and is safe for running sensitive appliances thanks to its sine wave technology. Moreover, it has an inbuilt MCB to protect against input mains and a bypass switch for direct output supply from the grid if there is a fault in the inverter. If you are looking to bring home an inverter that’s cost-effective and efficient in every way, the Luminous Zelio+ 1100 pure sinewave inverter UPS is one of the best inverters out there.


  • Pure sinewave technology makes it safe for sensitive appliances
  • MCB for protection from input mains
  • Smart LED display for power backup/battery charging time status
  • Bypass switch for supplying output directly from grid
  • Inverter Capacity: 12 Volt, Capacity – 900VA, Max. Bulb Load – 756 watt
  • Battery Capacity: Voltage – 12 Volt,
  • Key feature for Inverter: Sine wave inverter, Digital display, Intelligent 32-bit DSP Processor
  • Running Load: 1 Fridge (250 Litre), 1 led TV 40″, 3 fan, 2 tube light, 1 LED bulb
  • Warranty: 24 months

An inverter is an investment that you make once in several years and therefore, you need to ensure that you put your money in the right place, and the Zelio+ 1100 home pure

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