We live in a digital age, wherein quite a lot of our lives are centered around the web. Need help with your project? You have Google. Want assistance with locations? You have Google. Want to look for a chemist around you? You have Google. Want help with homework? You have Google. There is nothing that is not there on the internet if you know where and how to search. Internet is also a significant rescue for students. Now, they do not have to look through the tick books anytime they need a solution to the query. They can type it as it is, and adequate solutions around it can be found.

Here, in this guide, we will address a few of the best online platforms, which can be a blessing in disguise for students – at school, college, or university level.

Let us get started and address these platforms one by one.

Homework help platforms

Assignments and homework are indeed one of the most significant causes of stress amongst the students. Every week a student has to deal with 6-10 assignments, which can take a toll on their health and leave them with little to no time for other things in their life. This is when they are like, ‘What if I had someone who could do my homework?’ Well, now you do. There are some excellent homework help platforms that you can reach out to for online homework assistance.


TopAssignmentExperts or TAE is one of the top platforms for homework help. They have experts for every sort of homework assistance and have an esteemed team who has been in the industry for many, many decades. Over time, they have helped 10s of thousands of students in their span. In addition, their SQL experts have been very highly rated. So, if you need SQL assistance, TopAssignmentExperts can be your go-to platform.


Another one of the most reputed platforms for homework assistance is EduWorldUSA. EduWorldUSA offers a responsive customer support team, and with them, you can find homework assistance at the most competitive rates. The good thing about them is they are operational 24/7. So, even if you need homework assistance late in the night, you can reach out to them and get the desired help.


While we were scouring through the internet looking for top-notch homework aid platforms, one of the most common names in every discussion forum and student board was TFTH. They rose to popularity because of their competitive pricing strategy. Further, their unlimited revision policy and 100% moneyback guarantee on dissatisfaction make them a true winner. They also have a giant team, and most experts associated with them are professionals or trained individuals who have been associated with recognized colleges or institutions. Thus, they will always know the right drill to help you with homework assistance. If you need any assistance with SQL homework, ThanksForTheHelp has trained SQL experts to guide you.

Time Management Software

Of course, there has been incessant growth in the world of finance. However, it does not take away from the fact that we all have twenty-four hours in a day, and hence, it is vital for all of us to know the proper time management techniques and have the right software in our phones to ensure that we stay on top of the things that we are supposed to handle.

Rescue Time

Not sure whether you are using your time wisely or not? Well, Rescue time is the app for you. Having this app on your phone can be a complete lifesaver. It will send you weekly reports wherein you can see how you are spending your time and whether you are being wise with your time or not. Beyond the auto time-tracking feature, the application also has a myriad of reporting tools and some features to block distractions. Overall, the app does not let you be overwhelmed even when you have a bunch of tasks on your plate. It is also an excellent tool for when you are working in a team. You can use its dedicated time management tools for teams. This app will help you see how much time you have utilized well and what part of your time went down the drain. The app is available for Desktop, Android, and iOS.


For effective time management, you must know precisely how much time you have in hand to spend on the available task or project. Overall, the app helps you properly plan the tasks around the day or the week. So, if you feel there is not enough time for a particular homework, you can use the listed homework help platforms above. A good thing about the software is its straightforward interface. Despite that, it lets you do so much. In addition, Toggl also has outstanding time-saving features, along with its intuitive design. Scanning through the inputs in the app, you can know for certain how much time you have dedicated to each task.

 Question bank platforms

We have not found a better platform than our below-listed pick under this category, but it is worth trying.


Unifolks is an online platform wherein you can find question banks for all subjects and concepts. These can be incredibly helpful when you need additional practice or assess your knowledge of a particular concept. A great thing about Unifolks is they have solved question papers and sample papers. Often the trend is questions from last year are repeated. So, when you have practiced them with Unifolks, solving them should not be difficult for you.

Collaboration tools


On the internet, you can find an array of apps that help in content transferring from your PC to other devices, but there is none better than Dropbox. It is a free tool and is very easy to use. You can use the tool when you are collaborating or working on a group project. In addition, Dropbox makes it easy for you to share important files. Overall, the app can do wonders for your productivity.

Google Docs

Well, we do not think that something as giant as Google requires an introduction. One of the best collaboration tools from Google is Google Docs and Google Sheets. Both of these tools can be excessively helpful for students when working in teams. Overall, the app can save a lot of time. The good thing about the app is that it allows offline operation, and the changes in the app can be saved automatically.

So, these are the top online platforms that can prove extremely helpful for students’ education. Have more suggestions to add to the list? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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