Priceless Benefits of Following Coal Services Health Protocols and Conducting the Required Medicals for Your Mining Business

Coal mining presents a unique set of challenges in terms of worker safety. And, as the employer, it is your responsibility to keep your employees in good health and away from the hazards present at your site, especially inside confined spaces. Needless to say, it is crucial for you to follow coal services health protocols and conduct medical assessments as required by the government.

Like any business, there are many rewarding things that healthy mine workers bring to the table.

Benefits of Conducting Medical Tests on Your Workers

Coal mines, in particular, are associated with hazards that not only put workers at risk of accidents but also cause them to develop health conditions that might affect them in the long term. While this is the main reason why you should follow coal services health protocols, there are more benefits of this practice for your business.

Increased Morale and Loyalty

As you conduct an occupational hygiene audit and medical test on a regular basis, you are showing your workers that you care for their well-being. As a result, they will also be happy working for your company, with increased morale and loyalty.

This will have a significant positive impact on the overall performance and productivity of your mining business.

A Pool of Highly Qualified Candidates

Finding qualified and fit candidates for your company should not be guesswork, especially when your business is associated with hazardous work environments.

This is where a pre-employment medical assessment comes in handy. In a way, it ensures the people you are hiring are physically prepared for their intended roles.

Remember that hiring unfit miners will not only put them at serious risk but can also endanger the safety of other workers at your site. So, you should be thorough in vetting your job applicants.

Reduced Absenteeism Due to Sickness or Injury

As you have a health and safety policy in place, you will be able to properly identify the risk factors and health hazards at your site and create a course of action to eliminate them. As a result, it will be less likely for your employees to get sick or get into an accident while doing their job, thus a lesser number of absences.

Compliance with Industrial Health and Safety Regulations    

Occupational hearing testing, vision test, spirometry, respiratory test, X-rays, and other medical screenings form part of an overall assessment to protect the health and safety of mineworkers, which is also mandated by the government through policies, such as Order 43.

Facilitating these tests with the help of occupational health physicians and medical advisers will protect you from the fines and penalties that may arise due to non-compliance.

Financial Benefits

Medical assessments can bring about financial benefits to your company in a way that it lessens workers’ compensation claims. Illnesses and injuries can be very costly for a business, and one effective way of curbing them is to invest in preventative measures, such as employment medicals.

Positive Corporate Image

Investing in the well-being of your workers does not only show compassion to every member of your organisation, but it also creates a message to other people that you take corporate social responsibility seriously. And, as you flash about this positive image, the more people would love to work for your company or engage with your business.       


Considering the substantial benefits that it brings, you will have all the reasons to follow coal services health protocols and conduct the necessary medical assessments for your workers. Not only does it protect your workers from health hazards and help maintain their well-being, but it also keeps you away from any hefty fine or penalty for not complying with the government’s rules and regulations for the mining industry.

So, when the situation calls for it, do not hesitate to seek the help of occupational health experts to implement a safety programme for your site and conduct medicals.

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