Re-Inventing Your Summer Style for 2021

Now that summer is here, and restrictions are starting to lift, it’s time to consider giving your fashion a major revamp now that life is starting to get back to normal. You’ll likely have been living in comfortable clothes when lounging at home over the past 18 months, but now it’s time to get your life back on track and dress to impress.

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with new looks, whether it be through your choice of clothing, hair, or makeup. You don’t necessarily have to undergo a complete overhaul and spend a fortune but making smart choices that will give your outfit a whole new lease of life without the hefty spend. Here’s how you can re-invent your summer style for 2021:

·      Get inspired

If you require some inspiration on re-inventing your summer style, getting online is the best place to start. You may not know which styles suit you or which looks perfectly exhibit your personality, so it will all be a case of trial and error initially until you discover what you feel most comfortable wearing. By browsing the internet, you’ll be bombarded with inspiration from a range of platforms, including the likes of social media, fashion blogs, and Pinterest. When you have found styles and outfits you would like to emulate, create a folder of images to refer to when the time comes to re-create the look.

·      Create a color palette

Think about the shades you’d like to implement within your wardrobe. For example, do you prefer neutrals, or are you an individual that loves to experiment with bright and bold hues? Color tones play a huge role in creating a consistent style, so it would be worth some careful consideration to try out clothing in different tones to understand what your signature color is to suit your skin tone and character.

·      Experiment with makeup

If you don’t feel ready to have a complete style overhaul just yet, you could change up your makeup regime to give your style a lift. You could experiment with new foundations, blushers, lipsticks, eyeshadows, and various techniques until you find a look that works for you. YouTube has plenty of video tutorials on how to achieve different looks based on your preferred style. Again, purchasing new makeup items can be costly, but you can access some great deals using coupon codes for online stores such as ColourPop Cosmetics.

·      Use accessories

Accessories can transform an outfit without having to make a significant amount of effort, and what’s more, they’re perfect for changing up your summer style. A scarf, belt, or even a statement necklace can give an outfit a whole new lease of life without breaking the bank. It could also make you feel completely different about an outfit. For example, if a dress is slightly oversized and unflattering, a belt can cinch the waistline and emphasize your shape. Different accessories can also transform your outfit from day to night, so you don’t have to spend over the odds an abundance of new outfits for every occasion. 

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