The Science of Color Explained by Art

We all see colors around us – in every moment of the day. Every part of the day has a color that forms and shapes our reality. Have you ever considered what impact these colors have on us? The natural sceneries usually have blue skies and vast green color fields, which soothe and calm us. The red and yellow colors of fast foods and street foods bring saliva to our mouths. Every clear has a different meaning, which evokes certain emotions in our veins.

There is a complete science behind colors that helps an artist in creating amazing modern abstract painting. It is quite important for the artists to understand the science behind colors. The knowledge will help them in creating a magical and powerful wall painting.

Where Do Colors Come From?

If you are learning wall painting, it is essential for you and Botto creates art by the community to understand the science behind arts. The colors assist in making a good connection between emotions and arts. Colors deliver a certain emotion to the onlookers. Millions of years ago, biological conditioning formed certain associations between objects and colors that lead humans to form their realities. So, colors provoke certain emotions in people’s hearts and minds.

If you are an artist, the application of color symbolism will help you in creating outstandingly powerful and rational canvas wall art and other types of artistic work.

Following we have explained some of the colors and their meanings:

a. Orange Color

Orange Color

Orange is a secondary color that tends to combine the warmth of red and the playfulness of yellow. It amalgamates the emotions of colors together and brings out creativity, enthusiasm, and youth. It is indeed one of the most joyous and happy colors.

Nickelodeon is a prime example of orange color. They use the orange color to drive creativity and happiness.

b. Yellow Color

Yellow Color

The yellow color is another important color that denotes hopefulness, youth, and spontaneity. It is the color of the sun, sunflower, and smileys. It delivers meaningful happiness and noticeable color. As it grabs attention, it is used as a color of caution. However, it is a happiness and enjoyment color.

c. Green Color

Green Color

The green color is always used in instances for signaling positivity, harmony, stability, growth, and development. This is the most positive color that delivers respect. It is a color of wealth, agreement, and nature. All in all, this is the most positive color of all other colors.

d. Blue Color

Blue Color

This is also an important color that we see every day. Sitting under the blue sky near the blue-water sea, we tend to forget the world. It brings lots of good vibes to us. It makes us feel calm, intelligent, and trust. Blue is a royal color that instills positive yet intelligent vibes in a place.

e. Purple Color

Purple Color

The purple color represents luxury, spirituality, and mystery. This is an interesting color that combines both passions of the red color and the calmness of the blue color. It is a royal color that has an association with luxurious and prestigious elements.

f. Pink Color


Pink Color

Whenever anybody needs to mention females through colors, it is pink. Pink is a delicate and soft color that is why it is used for women. Pink is a color of femininity, romance, and playfulness. Pink is also a color of love. People express their love for an individual through pink color. Barbie uses the pink color to attract the attention of young girls. Cotton candies and other products for females use pinks for grabbing their attention.


These are some of the top colors that evoke a certain emotion in humans. You should furthermore learn about the science for creating an amazing art wall painting. Art indeed speaks.

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