When it comes to cricket, there is a lot to learn. Even a basic cricket bat has several features that every player must know. Batsmen nowadays are pretty picky about their bat type, size, and weight. However, to customize it, you must learn various elements of the cricket bat and find out the best bat manufacturer in India to customize your bat.

The following are some of the parts of a cricket bat:

  • Handle
  • Shoulder
  • Splice
  • Spine
  • Swell
  • Sweet Spot
  • Toe

Knowing what these catchwords represent can help you find an ideal bat. A thorough mastery of this terminology will also come in handy if you ever need to compare two cricket bats. Cricket bats are made of willow wood; the tree section is used to make the bat.

Go through the phrases mentioned above and some other related facts you should know!  

  1. Handle

The cylindrical wood component of the bat that a batsman uses to hold the bat with one hand over the other is known as the bat handle. The bat’s handle is wrapped with a rubber grip to keep it from slipping out of your hands.

  1. Shoulder

When buying a bat, look for one with a little curved shoulder. It will help you grasp the bat better. The bat grip frequently moves up due to the bent shoulder. Applying tape to the grip around the bat’s shoulder is a fast repair for keeping the hold from going up.

  1. Splice

The V-shaped wood splice is the splice. The base of the handle connects to the bat’s blade. As the ball comes into contact with the blade, the splice absorbs the energy. When soft willow is used in the bat, the splice may absorb a lot of the stress, and the ball bounces off the blade further.

  1. Blade

A cricket bat’s blade is its most crucial component. To determine a cricket bat’s grade, you must examine the blade.

  1. Toes

The bottom section of a cricket bat is called the toe. It is usually laid on the ground as part of the preparations for the delivery. This bat section is readily and regularly damaged due to repeated contact with the ground while assuming the stance or pulling it into the crease during a run.

6 . Sweet Spot

The sweet spot on the bat is quite essential. It’s the part of the bat where the ball accelerates the most, and the bat vibrates the least after the hit. A good batsman’s goal is to consistently hit the ball from the sweet spot of the cricket bat!

Last Thoughts!

You might be tempted to pull your bat out of the closet right now to examine its various parts and determine its manufacturer. Keep in mind that while the abilities of the person wielding the bat are more important than the bat itself, a bat needs regular maintenance and repair to survive longer and perform better. Look after your cricket willow.

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