The Best CRM Software You Should Consider Using in 2021

We will help you here to find the CRM Software for your business.

Customer is the king for any business irrespective of its services, products, or segment. Thus, there is growing unrest among the customer service departments to serve their clients in the best possible way. The technology has improved the lives of the customer service department that can now monitor all activities on one platform. A customer relationship management of CRM software is one such tool that helps any business to keep all customer details tidy and clear. The CRM software market is expecting to reach more than 80 billion US dollars by 2025.

We will help you here to find the Best CRM software for your business.

Some of the trends favoring CRM software include:

  • 65% of the companies with CRM software are successfully closer to their sales targets than those with no CRM tools.
  • As high as 50% of the companies have improved their sales quotas by using mobile CRM software.
  • More than 91% of the businesses with more than 11 employees use any CRM software.

Top CRM software for every business in 2021

●    Zoho CRM

It is the best CRM software for scaling up a business. It is serving more than 150,000 businesses across 180 countries.

It helps businesses to convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow profits.  It helps companies to stay connected with the customers and saves time with automation.

It comes with a 15-days trial period. You can select any of the below-mentioned pricing plans offered by Zoho CRM.

Standard Professional Enterprise Ultimate
10.97 US Dollars per user per month

Billed Annually

19.20 US Dollars per user per month

Billed Annually

32.91 US Dollars per user per month

Billed Annually

35.66 US Dollars per user per month

Billed Annually 

 ●    Salesforce Sales Cloud

It is one of the best customizable CRM software. It has a unique flow builder tool that helps businesses to create their customized business processes. It helps you to close business deals quickly and automate administrative tasks.

It is ideal for small, medium, and big enterprises. It is a highly scalable product that fits the needs of any business size. You can go for the company‘s free demo and then can select any of the below-mentioned plans.

Essentials Professional Enterprise Unlimited
25 US Dollars per user per month

Billed Annually

75 US Dollars per user per month

Billed Annually

150 US Dollars per user per month

Billed Annually

300 US Dollars per user per month

Billed Annually

●    Bitrix24

It comes in the option of on-premise software and cloud options. It helps businesses to create a multitude of apps in a single ecosystem. It ensures smooth communications, can manage multiple tasks, projects, and handles lead management. More than 9,000,000 organizations are already using Bitrix24.

You can register for free on Bitrix24 and then can select any of the following pricing plans.

Bitrix24 Special Plans:

Start+ CRM+ Project+
19 US Dollars per month


55 US Dollars per month


55 US Dollars per month


Bitrix24 Business Plans:

Standard Professional
79 US Dollars per month


159 US Dollars per month


●    Pipedriv

It is the best easy-to-use CRM software that claims to help companies sell up to 28% more. It is a GDPR-compliant CRM that supports 150+ apps and integrations. It has US and EU-based data centers and comes with 24*7 customer support through chat and emails.

It is available on the free trial and different pricing plans as mentioned below:

Essential Advanced Professional Enterprise
12.5 US Dollars per user per month

Billed Annually

24.90 US Dollars per user per month

Billed Annually

49.90 US Dollars per user per month

Billed Annually

99.90 US Dollars per user per month

Billed Annually

●    Ontraport

It is the best CRM software for automating online transactions. It covers marketing, transactional selling, coupon codes, follow-ups, etc. It helps companies move data quickly, get the best insights, and keep the best track of their customers. It is trusted by thousands of businesses across the globe. It comes with an easy transition to make the entire migration of the customer service process easy and error-free.

It provides a 14-days free trial and four different pricing options that are as under:

Basic Plus Pro Enterprise
79 US Dollars 147 US Dollars 297 US Dollars 497 US Dollars

What to look for in the best CRM software?

While all claims to be the best, you can go through the following points before making your decision on the Best CRM software for your business:

●     Easy to Use:

CRM software should be easy to use. Thus, all your team members should be comfortable working on it without finding the essential functions. You must go for a product that comes with in-app directions, help articles, and definitions. The readily available support and the quick onboarding options on a CRM make it easy to use.

●     Customization Options:

While any CRM software is a one-for-all product, you can still look for customization options. You can go for the product that best suits your business processing and allows multiple integrations.

You can select the third-party integrations that are compatible with the CRM boost data collection and other functions. This automation of the CRM will make your team happy while data is collected at high accuracy levels.

●     Features:

Any CRM software should be equipped with the best contact management features. The reminders on contacting the customers, marketing strategies, etc., are additional features of any powerful CRM. It is recommended to go through the features and then make your selection.

●     Reporting:

The automated reports from the CRM software facilitate quick decision-making and help solve bottlenecks. All reports related to sales, values, loss reasons, etc., are generated automatically. Henceforth, it is advised to go for the CRM that has advanced reporting options.

Wrapping Up:

As high as 74% of the businesses admit that they’ve improved on processing the customer data after introducing CRM software. The winds are in favor of this highly efficient tool. Any business can get the best out of its customer data that can be overwhelming at many times.

Managing data is the key to making essential decisions and introducing improvement in day-to-day strategies and procedures. The challenging times of the covid-19 pandemic further lay stress on the software that allows easy access to employees from remote locations. Thus, incorporating any of the CRM software mentioned above can help you improve the customer satisfaction levels even when your team is working from remote locations.

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