Go Green: 5 Green Solutions You Will Love in Your Home

The law in Australia is very clear regarding what electrical work a homeowner can undertake. You may be surprised to find out how limited the scope is. For example, changing a light bulb is acceptable, but adding a socket is not.

Naturally, there are plenty of people that still do their own electrical work, it is unlikely to be an issue unless you wish to sell the house, rent it, or you have a house fire. 

In short, it is best to contact a qualified Sydney electrician and have them do any work that needs to be done in your home. But, if you do insist on doing repairs yourself, the following dangerous jobs should be avoided at all costs:

Working On The Electrical Panel

This is where the main supply arrives into your building and is distributed to the various circuits. The distribution is completed via an array of circuit breakers. Before any work is done on this panel the main electrical supply switch must be off, this ensures you won’t get an electrical shock while working on it.

However, new electronics place additional strain on the panel, and simply replacing or adding a breaker may not be sufficient, it can still cause overloads and short circuits when you put the power back on. You need to let an expert handle this.

Upgrading Your Wiring

You may want to replace all the wiring in your property or just some of it. In many cases, this is necessary to ensure the wiring is up to the job. However, regardless of how much you wish to replace, this is a job that is best done by the professionals.

Do it yourself and you may increase your risk of an electrical fire, you will almost certainly fail an inspection if you come to sell your home, and you could even be left seriously out of pocket if the insurance company refuses to pay out after a fire. 

Installing A Fan

In principle, this is a simple task. In practice, there are several variables that need to be considered when installing a fan, especially if it is venting outside.

The circuit needs to be correctly sized and should have its own breaker. The vent must be fitted correctly to avoid mould growth and accompanying health issues. 

Power For Outbuildings

If you have a garage or other outbuilding that is not connected to your property you may wish to add power to it. While this can seem as simple as laying an additional cable, the truth is that there are a number of complex calculations that need to be performed to ensure the power supply is steady, safe, and sufficient. Visit Bravo Electro to see more options for power supplies.

Of course, it also needs to get to your outbuilding safely.

The Bottom Line

While electrics can seem relatively straightforward, there are a lot of variables that aren’t obvious but matter. This is why electricians undergo extensive training and the reason why you should let the professionals do the work for you. 

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