To Thrive In Your Life

Many people don’t have a clear understanding of what is better between a job and a business. Which of these will help them to prosper in life, to achieve great success?

Everyone who prefers self-employment studies personal development and managerial-organizational skills mentions that businesses are always better than jobs.

Doing a job means working for someone, having a boss who involuntarily limits the activity’s independence in the work environment. Whether your boss gains a high profit or not, you will receive a predetermined salary.

Tyler Martin Founder and Certified Business Coach at ThinkTyler believes “Running a business means you are becoming the boss of your business, setting your activity’s policy, direction, and priorities. You can also choose your workload and the level of profit you need to earn.

Tom Leighton, COO from Sofary Lighting says “Running your own company makes you feel liberated, excited and provides a profound sense of achievement. However, working for someone else’s company also has perks, like job security, fewer financial concerns, and stability.”

If you’re considering going solo but are unsure if it will create the proper lifestyle for you, then we’ve chalked up some pros and cons of running your own business vs. working for someone else’s to offer a helping hand in making that big decision.

Let’s try to compare jobs and business!

A “job” is a term used to describe a person working under someone following upper-level orders.

If you are in a higher job position, you can order employees working under you but still doing a job; there will always be someone calling you too, i.e., boss.

An organization established is a business entity, either banking, industrial, or technological operations. If you own one, then you are the boss; you are at the top-level that orders everyone else in the business along with bearing all the risks.

Working under someone else has always felt like a restriction. However, when you are out there, setting up your own business, you are the in-charge. This point itself is a boon in disguise. It gives you the freedom to choose and make a decision of your choice.

It also lifts off the barriers of restriction from you.

Moreover, being your boss means running the business with your strategies without much ado about it. This point also gives the elasticity to choose your working hours. In addition, you also have the freedom to enjoy family matters whenever it is required.

Your own business gives you the freedom to take a holiday when needed.

You have no one above you to ask for leave. However, at times of need, you would need to work extra hours with no extra pay. Thus, you will have to perform differently and manage everything accordingly

As an employee, you are aware of your annual income along with a bit of increment on your successful tries.

Unless you get a promotion, your salary is stagnant. However, when owning a business, you can earn more depending upon how you work and run the business. You might handle your pricing and marketing strategies and set your profit bar. This point promises a lucrative income as long as the company is running.

Usually, jobs are safer, more secure, and risk-free.

Because whatever happens, you can receive the salary, earn some particular money on time doing a job.

Businesses, on the other hand, are the polar opposite of that. The amount of money you make is only determined by your efforts, plans, and abilities. It’s possible that you won’t be able to win even a single coin.

It usually takes time to succeed when doing business because you have to face many ups and downs. Also, a business can be equals to long-term investment. So businesses have more risks than jobs. But that doesn’t mean you have to make an appointment to avoid trouble. It all depends on your attitudes, skills, commitment, and financial situation.

If you are doing a job, your responsibility is limited only to your task.

For example, you are a coder, and you should maintain/develop the code you are responsible for. You don’t have to care about the company’s financials, marketing, sales, HR, etc.

Dale Hewett, Founder & CEO of New Phase Blends says “If you are running a business, you are responsible for all your team members and employees, customers, business partners, etc.” You are no longer accountable only for your task – you have to ensure that «everything» is fine. Becoming your own «boss» comes with a lot more baggage than you think.

Before starting any business, you have to set up a capital that can take a load of all your planning.

Starting with the area of work to the employees, you have to manage everything. Thus, you have to build capital. Taking a loan for these capitals may also come off as risky because the start of your business may not always begin with profit. It is a difficult task to manage financial burdens without any backup plans.

We can make extended comparisons, but we must understand that we are essential to our success. And if we want to prosper, we must first be competitive, innovative, and flexible. It is impossible to say that doing business is more profitable because many unlucky business people are around us.

On the contrary, many employees who have achieved great success do not imagine themselves outside their company.

Nowadays, you can find many interesting, high-paying jobs, you can be creative, start your own business, but the secret of thriving in life is a dedication to work and quality work.

Remote working could be interesting.

At remote work, there is no such problem – you can work from home, and you do not need to travel anywhere. As more companies adopt tools to provide better synchronous collaboration and asynchronous task management, the journey to remote work will continue to scale.

For this transition to be successful, both for the company and for individuals, specific steps must be taken to address the gaps associated with telecommuting. At the end of the day, you can overcome these shortcomings by structuring your days wisely to draw clear lines between work and life, encourage your mind to focus on work, and carve out social time according to your schedule in order to find harmony and happiness.

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