Human hamster ball or a Zorb ball- whatever you call them but these huge balls are all about great fun, memorable moments and laughter with blended thrilling. For those who have only wished to walk waters without drawing, it’s time you see your dreams come true! With a huge human size zorbing ball you cannot not only walk on water but also roll as you want, sounds pretty amazing already?

Typically there is wet zorbing and dry zorbing. Classified further; the wet and dry zorbing balls are available in more variety and more add-ons which makes your overall experience elevated.

If you are searching for the best Zorb ball, you should definitely give this write up a read! In this article we shall check out how many types of zorbing we have and what each ball offers differently.

There are very many Zorb balls in the market however the types would be similar unless some revolutionary adding comes to the market. Till then, have a look at the below mansion balls to narrow down your searches.

Water Zorbing Ball

Water Zorb ball or the hydro zorbing lets you walk on shallow water because the large exterior ball is filled with air that lets you bounce as well. The inner Zorb ball has the rider inside and you can also jump and dance and do whatever you want; however you should not burn fire inside the huge ball, even if you want!! The ball is in two meters and the zipped up inlets are there for safety concern and letting you inside or outside.

Water zorbing is suitable for locations such as lakes or pools. The moment you get inside the bubble wall on to the water surface, the bouncing feel is what makes you smile. You can roll from one end to the other, that’s what all do.

Snow Zorbing Ball

Many people like to play and do some outdoor recreational activities even if it’s snowing. And if you are one of those, the snow zorbing is what you will find fascinating. In this zorbing type you get the land zorbing experience but in snow. If you want the “safe skating” experience snow Zorb ball is what you need. It comes with a thrilling and exciting approach and for cool places where there is a lot of snow, it’s best. But, snow zorbing demands more safety.

Aqua Zorbing Ball

In aqua zorbing, you get the similar experience as water zorbing. The orb or the bubble has water and you have to control the friction on your own since the flowing water beneath the surface makes controlling somewhat a challenge. However the harness is there to keep safety highlighted. Aqua zorbing can also be done on a flat surface or inclined.

Bubble Soccer Ride

Bubble soccer or bubble football is best for those who are football players and already into these sports. However when you wear a Zorb ball it minimizes the injury and short absorption makes sure you run and play without any serious issue. The soccer covers the upper body of the rider and that is one of the best things you get from a Zorb ball. You can play with teams at ample spaces and fields.The bubble globe is pretty much similar to an orb.  You can purchase the globe bubble for zorbing from any eCommerce store. That is the great way if you are purchasing online.

Land or ground zorbing Balls

Apart from the chic and fashionable zorbing, the most common and perhaps the most sober one is no doubt, the land zorbing. It is also pretty much commonly known as dry zorbing since there is no water or snow getting involved with the rider. As per your choice you get to pick the harness or non-harness bubble and that further declares yoke safety in case of falling inside the orb!

For location, you should always choose the big and spacious field to Zorb that has no hurdles coming your way. This makes playing more fun and also it comes with safety standards as well. Zorbing downhill or on the flat surface, you can choose the way you want. Furthermore, in land zorbing, you can also incorporate two players for racing and much more.

Should I pick the Zorb ball according to my height?

Zorb balls are available in different sizes from medium to large and huge. The balls are designed for everybody and therefore you should pick the size according to your weight, height and overall body weight. The typical sizes available in a Zorb balls are as follow:

  • 1.5m diameter
  • 2.5m diameter
  • 1.5m diam
  • 1.2m diameter
  • 1.5m dia
  • 2.5m dia
  • 1.5m diameter
  • 3m diameter
  • 1.7m diameter
  • 2.4 x 2.2 x 1.8m

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