Best VPN for Mac 2021 - Why Do Mac Users Need This Service? Which One Is the "Best"

When we connect to the Internet, the application most exposed to cyber attacks and those designed to violate users’ privacy is undoubtedly the browser. Even keeping it constantly updated it is possible to run into privacy problems, since our IP address is exposed, together with other personal information stored within the same browser. 

To raise the level of security when we surf the Internet it is possible to install extensions for VPN in the browser, in order to encrypt all the content displayed on the web page and hide the most sensitive information. In the following chapters, you can evaluate the best and reliable VPN for Google Chrome.

What is a VPN on Google Chrome for?

By descargar vpn on Google Chrome, it is possible to encrypt the connection from the browser to the site we have requested, thus avoiding providing our IP address or other information on the type of connection we are using.

In this case, the protection will be limited to the browser and any other program or app on the computer will be able to access the Internet normally. One of the advantages of adopting this type of solution is the ability to change the connection server on the fly, simply by opening the VPN extension on Chrome: with two clicks it is possible to change the country and access blocked or unreachable sites, deactivate the VPN when needed and automatically activate it when you log in, so you are always protected.

Best VPN 2022 to use for Chrome

The best VPN for Google Chrome are provided for a fee and are an integral part of the premium VPN services already seen on the site. Below you can find the VPN extensions to try on Google Chrome; to add them, simply open the link indicated with Google Chrome.

ITop VPN: Best for Google chrome

Very effective service for protecting Google Chrome connections is iTop VPN, a service that boasts the fastest servers in all network conditions, keeping the basic connection fast and snappy even when we connect to distant servers. The service offers a quick connect button, HTML5 geolocation protection system, HTTPS connection on all sites, WebRTC blocking and over 1800 servers spread across many countries around the world, making it one of the best free and paid VPN service.

ITop VPN is available at a price of € 3.33 per month for an annual subscription; also in this case we will have to enter the access credentials in the extension as soon as we have subscribed to the subscription. ITop VPN allows browsing, downloading, streaming content and sharing files via torrent over several weeks, all to give you validated and proven results. 

It provides Light way proprietary protocol, super-fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth. This VPN supports 5 simultaneous connections of devices and works with Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, and other services. Therefore iTop VPN is the most suitable VPN for Google chrome and descargar vpn ITop, would be a best option for speed and safety.

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