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There are many things that can be associated with India. Some people might think about Gandhi, others about the Taj Mahal, and others about how many people travel to that part of the world to meditate. However, there is another thing about this country that seems to be quite obvious when visiting any part of it. Of course we refer to the extremely large love and passion that they have for cricket. This appreciation is demonstrated in various forms. First of all, every time that a cricket match is taking place somewhere around the country, it is normal to have the stadium completely full with the public. Not only that, because thousands around this part of the world have started to visit in order to also win by taking advantage of their knowledge and experience with the sport.

Probably nobody would be too surprised when seeing a football star or a Formula 1 driver being treated as a rockstar. This is exactly the same what happens with cricket players around India. They are considered almost as deities in the country, and lots of kids in that part of the world want to be like them once they grow up.

However, cricket is not the only sport that enjoys a lot of support in this part of the world. There are many other disciplines that have started to see very relevant rises in their popularity. Here we will discuss some of them, and we will see how impactful they have been for the country.

Which disciplines enjoy a great deal of support in India

Besides what has been stated about cricket, all over India it is also possible to find followers, and even passionate fans, of other disciplines. Some of them include:

  • football;
  • Formula 1;
  • basketball;
  • and even eSports!

Football is not really a surprise. Everybody already knows that football is by far the most popular sport all over the world, therefore, it was completely expected that in India it was going to experience a surge in popularity at some moment. While it is unlikely that it surpasses cricket in terms of number of followers anytime soon, it could happen that in a few years it could at least rival cricket in terms of how many fans it has, and how many people support different squads around the country.

Formula 1 and other motorsports also have experienced a surge in popularity during recent years. The calendar of Formula 1 in every season is very dynamic. This means that from time to time there is a Grand Prix taking place somewhere around India. Of course, there are some lucky ones that manage to get a ticket to watch the show directly from the track. However, millions around the country are also paying attention to what happens in these exciting events.

Basketball is also following a similar trend. There are many NBA followers in India. However, the Indian local league is also growing in terms of popularity. This means that in the medium term, it could be possible to see a powerful and attractive Indian tournament for all over the world.

eSports deserve a mention of their own. They have been on the rise everywhere around the world, and even India. Throughout the globe, it is likely that it will reach, or even surpass, football in terms of popularity. The same could happen in India with cricket. The fact that eSports are based upon videogames that practically anybody can play, means that the growth of this discipline might be unstoppable.

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