Truck accidents are increasing rapidly, and there are a few things the government can do to ensure that accidents are avoided. The laws are already there, but as soon as a bit of leverage is given to the drivers, it acts as an invitation to hazards. The government needs to reinforce the laws for the drivers so they can prevent truck accidents that happen due to violation of the law. When accidents do happen, the defendants shouldn’t go unpunished. But sometimes, the insurance company of the defendant saves them by denying responsibility. To prevent that, victims should hire experienced truck accident lawyers since they can fight against the insurance company.

  1. Zero tolerance on overspeeding

There should be no tolerance for over-speeding policy for truck drivers across the country. Even if the speed limit is exceeded by 4-5 miles per hour, if caught by law enforcers, the drivers should be penalized so that they refrain from doing it in the future. The penalty should be heavy so that it acts as a deterrent for all drivers.

  1. Distractions on the roads

The distraction on the roads should be minimized, especially on the highways. Drivers can get distracted by billboards and advertisements and the usage of mobile phones. Although the law already covers both aspects, the government must reiterate that offenders should be heavily punished. If it is the first time or the driver is in an emergency, distractions such as loud music, mobiles, videos, or other things should be discouraged.

  1. Maximum working hours

The drivers overexert themselves to earn extra money and do so through continuous driving and trips. The government should identify weekly maximum hours, and it should be mandatory for the drivers to fill out the log books honestly. Technology, such as GPS and other techniques, should be used to ensure that the number of miles and hours are appropriately monitored. Fatigue is a common cause of accidents as the drivers do not rest enough before making their next trip. Once the approved daily limit of miles or hours is achieved, the drivers should not be allowed on the road and should be forced to rest.

  1. Maintenance of trucks

Lastly, keeping the trucks updated with maintenance and repairs is essential. The drivers should carry the maintenance log during their trips so they may know the brakes, oil, pressure, gear, and other things are working correctly. The frequency of maintenance should also be increased and subsidized by the government, as it would be an additional cost for the drivers and the company. To ensure road safety, maintenance could be incentivized so that the drivers do not feel it is an obstacle.


The rules and laws are already there for the truck drivers to ensure safety; their implementation should be followed by heavy penalties so that heavy fines would act as a deterrent if anyone breaches the protocols. Incentives could be offered to drivers who abide by the rules and do not commit any offense for a certain period. Once these laws are firmly implemented, the company’s lawyers should make sure that drivers abide by the laws and know their rights when dealing with the insurance companies is needed.

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