Most people are looking for more than just a roof over their heads. They want to live in a home that suits their lifestyle and is close to amenities like parks, public transportation, and schools. If you’re selling your house, it’s important that you take into consideration many different aspects of the property when listing it-things like proximity to nearby parks or whether there’s access to public transportation can make all the difference between getting an offer on the spot or not even entertaining offers at all.

10 House features buyers look for?

1) Nearby public transportation.

Many buyers are opting for homes near public transportation because they want the convenience of not needing to use their car every day.

2) Greenspace.

There is nothing worse than buying a house in the suburbs only to find out that there is nowhere near to enjoy the outdoors. If you want your home to appeal to more buyers, make sure that it’s located in an area with lots of parks and green space nearby.

3) Schools.

Most people like living in areas where school ratings are high, which makes sense when you think about it wouldn’t you rather live somewhere where your kids will get a good education? When deciding on whether or not a property is worth purchasing, many buyers look at how a good school is, thus increasing your chances of getting the property sold.

4) Nearby amenities.

This may not be as high up on everyone’s list, but it is still nice to have access to shopping and restaurants near where you live. It saves time and money, which is why many people like homes that are located near these types of amenities.

5) Community activities.

When you want a house with lots of room for entertaining friends and family, look for a home that has nearby community events such as festivals and concerts. Many people view larger houses as “empty,” so having ways for them to fill their free time will make them more likely to buy your home over someone else’s that doesn’t offer this kind of lifestyle.

6) Traffic.

Some buyers want to live in areas with heavy traffic because they like the hustle and bustle. If you want to appeal to people who prefer busy neighborhoods, make sure your home is located near the main roads of the city.

7) Walkability Score.

Having sidewalks, parks, stores & restaurants within walking distance are all some factors that increase walkability scores. A high score means more people would be interested in buying your home since it will have everything they need available within a short walking distance from their front door.

8) The size of the home and lot.

Some buyers like to have a backyard for games and outdoor activities, while others prefer a front porch and a bigger yard. Many people also like homes with basements because it gives them more storage space. Make sure you take all of these factors into consideration when selling your home so that you appeal to the most number of buyers possible.

9) Home features such as low-maintenance landscaping (e.g., rocks instead of grass).

Some people like to work in their yard, while others want a house that is as low-maintenance as possible. If you’re trying to appeal to buyers who don’t want to do much work around the house, consider incorporating more rocks into your landscaping design instead of grass or other plant life that will require constant care.

10) Storage space.

While not a necessity for everyone, some would place a high value on homes with lots of storage space – closets, pantries, and basement areas included. Make sure your home has enough storage space should you decide to put it up for sale so that it’s likely to sell quickly/for top dollar.


Many of the features that buyers look for in a house are subjective and personal to them. However, there are some qualities that many people have on their list when deciding whether or not they want to buy a property. These include: being close to public transportation, having green space nearby (parks/greenspace), schools with high ratings, near amenities like shopping and restaurants- all within walking distance from the home. Other important considerations may be community activities such as festivals or concerts happening nearby; traffic – how busy is it? Is it accessible via car? A walkability score – how easily can you get around without using your car? The size of the lot and home is also an important factor in determining if someone wants to purchase a certain property. Low-maintenance landscaping is appealing to some, while others like having lots of storage space for all their things.

These are the most common features buyers tend to look for when purchasing a home. Make sure you know what your property has to offer so that it appeals to as many people as possible! Also, try considering these factors yourself before buying a new home- you’ll be more likely on selling it quickly once you do! If you feel like your home does not have enough amenities after your check-up, you can also consider selling your home to a real estate investor like The Local House Buyers.

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