What Is White Label Link Building?

In a post-pandemic marketplace, e-business is the only business. As brick-and-mortar businesses have experienced lockdown after lockdown, with no clear end in sight, a host of e-businesses have flourished: e-commerce, cloud services, smartphone technology, SEO, etc. In this hyper-digitized environment, your business needs a strong internet presence to survive.

To rule the internet search engines, the services of an SEO agency are needed. An SEO agency provides a plethora of services: keyword research, content creation, tagging, link building, etc. Because the typical SEO service provider builds backlinks, a lot of buzzwords have been tossed around regarding link building services like increasing Domain Rating, link building agencies, and link building companies. This begs the question, “What is white label link building?”

White Label Link Building Defined

To answer this question, we must first explore how link building works. First. there are internal links, aka inbound links, and external links, aka outbound links. The internal links are hyperlinks to other pages within a website. The external links are backlinks to other web resources, whether as citations or for synergistic marketing. According to Moz DA, external links are a very important source of organic traffic and are a much greater contributor than external links.

Building links can be very time-consuming, however. Therefore, many SEO agencies choose to outsource their link building to a third party that specializes in link building services. Not all link building agencies are white label link building agencies, however. What separates a white label link building service from a regular link building company is that the third party allows the SEO company to take credit for the link builder.

This may sound dishonest to some people, but this is really just an exercise in branding that really depends on the needs of the client. Some clients want to know every aspect of their link building program, so they can use branded link building services from a link building company. Other companies, however, prefer to receive a bundled service from an SEO agency. In such a situation, they are not concerned with the company that does the link building because they have already been sold on the brand of the SEO company.

White Label Tactics

Ten years ago, SEO was a lot simpler. Register your site and add a salad of keywords and voila, you were ready to hit the search engines and chase down some organic traffic. Today, things have changed, and Google and its competitors have raised the standard for the quality of work needed to rank well on an SERP, expecting great content that is relevant to its keywords. Google also now expects high-quality links to relevant websites.

As a result, the entire process of SEO has become a lot more complicated. This means that there are greater degrees of specialization within the general SEO field and within SEO companies. An SEO company, for example, needs to have access to great content writers and bloggers, web designers, digital marketers, search engine experts, and link building experts.

These link building experts need to know who all of the influencers are so they link only to quality websites that will improve their search results. They need to strategically place all brand mentions with the appropriate anchor text in order to properly connect these influencers to the client’s site. They need to know how various factors will affect their Google SERPs and their client’s own brand.

By hiring a white label service, SEO companies can eliminate a lot of micromanagement from the entire process, which is great for meeting deadlines. As long as a white label report is generated, everything is considered completely legal and reputable. This frees the client up to take his or her business to the next level.

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